Tech Tutorials


  1. On your iPad home screen, go to the Settings icon.
  2. Go to Bluetooth
  3. Make sure the Bluetooth setting is set to On (green).
  4. On the keyboard, press the power button icon button to turn the keyboard on (the light should light green).
  5. Press and hold the bluetooth icon button until the light turns blue.
  6. On the iPad, under “Devices,” press ZAGG Rugged Book.
  7. Ensure that the “ZAGG Rugged Book” is listed as “Connected.” Your keyboard should now work.

These are some of the apps that are recommended for online learning.

Google Classroom
Google Meet
Google Gmail
Google Slides
Google Chrome
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Drive
i-Ready for Students
Amplify Boost
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF
Google JamBoard
Piano Free

Tutorial Videos

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Editing Google Drawings files as part of an assignment in Google Classroom on an iPad

Logging into Zoom on iPad
(Demonstrated on a
chool Issued iPad, but the concept is similar on all devices.)

Resolving CrowdStrike Error On DOE Issued iPads

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