Kindergarten Admissions

School Year 2022-2023


The kindergarten application deadline is January 18, 2022.

Enrollment Priority

    1. Zoned with siblings currently enrolled at P.S./I.S. 78Q
    2. Zoned


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Parent Involvement

    • PTA
    • After School Office Hours
    • Parent Workshops
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Educational Focus

    • Our curriculum addresses the NYS Next Generation Standards.
    • We believe in “Educating the Whole Child”.
    • Students are evaluated in each content area in September.
    • Current Cluster Programs: Physical Education, Art, Spanish, Music, and Technology.
    • Students with Disabilities and English as a New Language students needs are addressed.
    • Social-Emotional Learning.

Ready Gen Program

    • Designed to provide students with multiple opportunities to interact with complex topic-based texts.
    • The individual titles within the text sets are focused around a common topic.
      read across multiple texts to comprehend, compare, and develop deep, core understandings and key insights.
    • Provides ample opportunities for students to write about what they’ve read.
    • Focuses on general academic vocabulary with opportunities for reuse in multiple contexts.

Shared Reading

    • Teacher reads aloud and students join in.
    • Strategies are used to build reading skills by using word by word reading, story predictions, vocabulary and sight words.

Independent Reading

    • Children learn a variety of strategies to become stronger readers.

Word Study


    • Teacher models how to be a good writer.
    • Students learn through a mini-lesson.
    • Students will be writing narrative stories, opinion pieces, and informative/explanatory pieces.


    • Envisions 2.0 program – problem-based learning and differentiated support for all level of learners.
    • Students are doers of math – they will show and explain how to solve problems in different ways.
    • Students are supported as they advance from concrete to abstract content through the use of models and math talk prompts.
    • Independent, small group, and whole-group activities.


Amplify Science Curriculum

Integrates the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Amplify Science is not topic-driven but phenomena driven (something observed in nature). Students are introduced to the unit problem, set in the context of a real-world experience. Through repetition of DO, TALK, READ, WRITE, and VISUALIZE, the students will understand the real-life experience.

Social Studies


If someone else is picking up your child, please make sure you write a note in the morning and/or call the office.

That person MUST have ID and MUST be over the age of 18, otherwise we cannot release your child and we will have to call you.

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