High School Admissions


  • The SHSAT will be administered at our school on January 27, 2021 (no remote option).
  • Registration to take the test closes on Friday, January 15, 2021. 
  • Students will rank these schools (ahead of time) in order of true preference on their registration form on MySchools. 
  • Tickets will be given to students for SHSAT through school.
  • Test is 180 minutes with no breaks. If students get extended time, it is 360 with 2 fifteen minute breaks. 
  • ELA – 53 multiple-choice, Math – 52 multiple choice, and 5 “grid-in” questions.

La Guardia Auditions

  • Deadline to register for auditions is February 23rd 
  • Auditions must be submitted remotely by March 1st 
  • Students will upload these using the audition admissions tool at schools.nyc.gov/HSAuditions (not open for submissions yet) 
  • Same tool used for all arts high schools 

Application Tips

  • Please make sure you have an active MySchools Account
  • Be sure to look at each schools admissions priorities (example: some schools have a borough priority based on student address)
  • Diversity in admissions initiative- eligible for low-income families. Determined by the lunch form. This can be found in Myschools. 20+ high schools giving priority to these students. Schools offering this can be found in the students MySchools – it’s listed until ‘more filters’. Please make sure you submitted a lunch form through myschoolapps.com. 
  • Screened schools  
    • can look at final 6th grade grades, 
    • 7th grade grades through February
    • 6th grade state test scores
    • virtual interviews/portfolios (if required)
  • Attendance/punctuality will not be looked at for this admissions cycle – except by LaGuardia 
  • Ed. Opt admissions method is a reading category that will be based on the 3 areas listed in the bullets above (low, middle, or high) 
  • 10 or more applicants = high demand program 
  • All applications are due by February 23, 2021. Application portal opens on January 19, 2021 
  • Offer letters released in late spring/summer and waitlists open.
Please contact Ms. Morgan at 718-392-5402 with any questions or concerns!