Recess Revamped


You may be hearing your children mentioning Kevin, Michelle, Tyra, Diane, Michael, Madison, and Peter. These are some of the staff members of Kids Orbit, an outside recess company approved by the general membership, hired to oversee and enhance recess in the Early Childhood Center as well as the Middle School Building.

The first week was all about getting the transition between recess and lunch to go smoothly and efficiently so that the students had equal time to eat and move their bodies.

The Kids Orbit crew is really great at group games like Infinity Tag, Boppety-Bop-Bop-Bop, Log Tag, Trolls Wizards & Giants, Sharks & Dolphins, and Steal the Bacon for the older children. For the younger ones, Red Light Green Light 123, and Mr. Fox. In the days to come as the transition process between eating and recess times becomes seamless, more and more games and props will be introduced. Some of our students prefer free play, and that’s okay. A few students choose to stay in the lunchroom because they might be feeling under the weather or would rather quiet time reading.

It has been a phenomenal team effort between our administration, teachers, school aides, parent volunteers, and Food Service to make the new and improved recess happen.


Lunch 10:36AM: ECC Classes 012, 013, & 016, MS Grade 2
Recess 10:58AM: ECC Classes 012, 013 & 016, MS Grade 2

Recess 10:36AM: ECC Classes 011, 014 & 015, MS Grade 3 & 4
Lunch 10:58AM: ECC Classes 011, 014 & 015, MS Grades 3 & 4

Recess 11:22AM: ECC Classes 101 & 103, MS Grades 7 & 8
Lunch 11:45AM: ECC Classes 101 & 103, MS Grades 7 & 8

Lunch 11:22AM: ECC Classes 102, 104 & 105, MS Grades 5 & 6
Recess 11:45AM: ECC Classes 102, 104 & 105, MS Grades 5 & 6