Social Studies Reading Packet

This packet can be done at home for students who are not in class.

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  • Read the text “Pocahontas at Jamestown” to learn more about the relationship between colonists and Native Americans
  • Identify any unfamiliar words & define them.
  • Use the chart to identify a text structure of the book.
  • Answer the following questions:
  1. Why isn’t there much written evidence of Pocahontas?
  2. Pocahontas belonged to which Native American tribe?
  3. On page six, the word uneasy is used to describe the Powhatans. What do you think uneasy means?  “They described strong, tall people who were uneasy with the newcomers but who also wanted to trade with them.”
  4. What motivated the English colonists to come to America?
  5. Why did the English colonists choose to build their site in Jamestown?
  6. What happened to most of the colonists shortly after arriving to the new world?
  7. How do the pictures help to enhance your understanding of the story?
  8. What was the relationship between English Colonists and Native Americans. How can you tell? Use 2 pieces of text evidence to support your response.
  • Write a summary of what happened in the book.



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