HW Tuesday 3/13

701 – Finish writing your tsunami story – due Thursday

702 – Make a volcano foldable of the 3 types of volcanoes – shield, cinder cone, and strato/composite.

  • On the outside, draw the cross-section of each type of volcano and label specific structures of that volcano, that make it unique.
  • On the inside, explain how each volcano gets its shape and structure from its eruptions.


8th grade – Write a rough draft of your organelle key. You are responsible for:

  1. Saying which candy is which organelle
  2. Saying the function of the organelle for the cell, in 10 words or fewer – YOUR OWN WORDS! (use notes + internet for research)
  3. Make an analogy comparing your organelle to something in the real world. Your group should use the same overall analogy.

For example:

– This lifesaver is the nucleus. The nucleus serves as the “brain” or central command of the cell. If PS 78 was a cell, the main office would be the nucleus, because all decisions go through it.

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