Weekend HW


How you can prepare:

  1. Give full-sentence explanations for your incorrect test answers (worth 50% of original value) – Due Monday
  2. Study the packet; make sure you have no missing knowledge
  3. Kahoot – Link to the first Kahoot we did in class. I ADDED MORE QUESTIONS to the same Kahoot for more practice. If you play the Kahoot it’s up to 5 points extra on your final exam (depending on how many questions you try)
  4. Get a lot of sleep to do well on the test on Monday!

How to play Kahoot at home:

  1. Click the link on a computer or iPad.
  2. Click play
  3. Play classic mode – random question order, and random answer order! It is very important to randomize. 
  4. Start the game and any players will put in a code with their phone or any other device with internet. You can play alone or in the same room as someone else (to compete with classmates).


5th Grade – Test Monday on Food and Nutrition. Use your review sheet.

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