ELA Vocabulary Homework

Hello 7th and 8th grade!

-Make sure you turn in your signed syllabus if you have not-

-Here are some important reminders for this week-

By next Tuesday, 9/17: bring a novel for independent reading.

Due next Wednesday, 9/18: Vocabulary homework/handout (This Friday for 80A)

We will look in my classroom library and can take out books there. However, novels are limited, so you can also purchase your own novel. If you purchase through scholastic, you can get points for my classroom, and I can buy more novels to expand the library! If you help me earn points, you can even help to recommend what books we should buy next for class. I will include the link and class code below. Remember to use the class code when ordering, or we don’t get the points!

Scholastic Link


Class Code: QQDWM

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