ELA Homework 9/13

Hello all and welcome back again!

I’d like to post the emoji story prompts in case you did not have time to write them down in class. I will also attach a copy of the rubric, which you will use to self-assess each other next week. Remember, this is your first writing assignment. Please do not limit yourself to the rubric. Have fun and create a story that you enjoy. Show me who you are as a writer in this assignment.

Due Monday, 9/17: Emoji Story

702 Due Friday, 9/14: Please finish creating and cutting out your goals for ELA.


See you all tomorrow!

Mr. Altenburger



#1: It is your first day at school. The most unexpected event on the planet has just occurred. What is happening and what is going on around you?

#2: Describe a day in the life at your dream school. (Food for thought: What are the teachers like? What is different about the classrooms or the buildings? What kind of people are at the school? What is the food like?)

#3: Write a story about an interesting day that you had this summer.

thumbnail of PS 78Q – Paragraph Rubric

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