ELA homework 4/17 – 7th & 8th Grade

7th Grade: I assigned homework in class Friday due tomorrow. I wrote it on the board again yesterday, Monday 4/15. This is another reminder.

  1. Complete Reader’s notes for chapter 17 of Lyddie (make sure you have 16 finished too, I will be checking that from classwork)
  2. Rewrite your counterclaim from the index card that I passed back. If you lost your original one, then rewrite a counterclaim.
  3. Study for Scavenger hunt vocabulary quiz (words from chapters 13-14 in your reader’s notes/vocabulary section).



  1. Read the summary of chapter 24 on workbook page 120.
  2. Read Chapter 25 and respond in 6-8 sentences with your choice of:
    1. Summary
    2. personal connection or response to the chapter
    3. letter to a character
    4. a poem
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