ELA Homework 11/21 (7th & 8th Grade)

Hello everyone,

Remember, choose a novel for your independent reading. The next novel with a reading log should be finished by 12/20. You still have plenty of time to choose a novel and begin reading if you have not. Pace yourself. Read 15-20 pages a day, or every other day. You will be surprised how much you can read. If your book seems too difficult, switch it for another book in my room.

7th Grade: Complete a paragraph using the RACER model that answers the question: What survival factors help Salva or Nya overcome a challenge? (see the model below)

8th Grade: 802 – At the bottom of your double entry notes, record a three sentence response to this question: Does this article mostly depict the experience of refugee and immigrants’ lives turning inside out, or going back to normal again?


R: restate the question

A: answer the question

C: cite evidence (use like a boss if you have your binder)

E: explain your evidence

(Cite another piece of evidence and explain that piece of evidence)

R: restate your topic sentence


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