ELA Homework 10/11/19

Hey there, amazing students!

Your ELA homework for tonight is as follows:

601: No homework.

602: Select one of the following questions and use your Cite Evidence Like A Boss bookmark to cite text evidence, using R-A-C-E to answer the question.

  1. Why does Percy decide to study for the Latin exam even though he’s given up on his other subjects?
  2. After the Latin test, what do you think Mr. Brunner was trying to say to Percy? Why does Percy react angrily to Mr. Brunner’s words?
  3. What responsibility does Grover claim to have, and why does this strike Percy as strange?
  4. How does Grover react when Percy tells him about the yarn-cutting?
  5. What does Percy think the yarn-cutting means?  Does Grover seem to agree?

603: No homework.

701: Look in chapters 3-4 of A Long Walk to Water (click here for a link to the digital copy) and find the definitions to 3-4 vocabulary words for each chapter. Put these in your Vocabulary section of your ELA notebook.

That’s all there is. Enjoy your well-deserved 3-day weekend!

Mr. Filoramo

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