ELA Homework 09/13/18

Happy beginning of year, amazing students!

Your ELA homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602/701: Complete your Emoji Story and bring with you to class tomorrow. You must use ALL emojis, in whatever order you want. This will be graded. -2 pts. for each day it is late.

The prompts from class are below:

  1. It is your first day at school. The most unexpected event on the planet has just occurred. What is happening and what is going on around you?
  2. Describe a day in the life at your dream school. (What are the teachers like? What is different about the classrooms or the buildings? What kind of people are at the school? What is the food like?)
  3. Write a story about an interesting day you had this summer.

That’s all there is. Enjoy your evening!

Mr. Filoramo

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