ELA Homework 01/31/18

Hey there, awesome students!

Your ELA homework for tonight is as follows:

601/602: In the text Prometheus (workbook page 71), find 2 key elements of mythology (on workbook page 61) and write one paragraph using R-A-C-E, explaining how Prometheus contains at least 2 of these key elements. Write one additional paragraph about any theme(s) you’ve found in Prometheus.

701: Read and annotate chapter 7 of Lyddie. Complete workbook page 31, the Reader’s Notes for chapter 7. Then copy the vocabulary from workbook page 32 into your ELA Vocabulary. Define the words using context clues, the definitions provided, or a dictionary.

That’s all I have. I apologize for the delay in posting lately, I’ve been having a little trouble with the Home Connect website lately. I think I fixed it, though. Enjoy your evening!

Mr. Filoramo

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