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7th Grade Classwork June 3rd

7th Grade

  • Your final exam will be on Wednesday, the file below are just a couple of questions for you to answer that will help you practice for the final coming up. Answer them in your notebook, be sure to show all your work. See y’all on Wednesday!

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Review for Algebra Benchmark

Below are links to Khan Academy which will benefit your practice before the Algebra Benchmark Test on 5/31.

Expressions and Equations



Statistics and Probability

The links are only meant for practice. It will not reflect everything that will be on the test. You may look at the other 7th grade topics such as Ratios and Proportions as well as the Number System to also help with your practice.

7th Grade Cumulative Math Final – June 5

Virtual Polystrip

7th Grade

Use the link below to gain access to the virtual polystrip for Shapes and Designs Lesson 3.1

CA4ALL MS Initiative – 7th Grade End of the Year Survey

Click this link to complete the survey.


8th Grade Homework May 15th

8th Grade

Complete Looking for Pythagoras Homework sheet Lesson 3.1

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Looking for Pythagoras Lesson 3.1 Instruction

8th Grade

  • Click this link
  • Scroll down and then click on Geoboard
  • Create right triangles and determine the lengths of each side by creating squares record your answer on the worksheet in the back.

7th Grade Homework May 14th

7th Grade

Complete Shapes and Designs Homework Sheet Lesson 2.2 Due 5/16 thumbnail of G7.S&D.Lesson2.2.HW

Important Information

7th Grade

Shapes and Designs Investigation One and Two Quiz on May 24th

8th Grade

Looking for Pythagoras Investigation One and Two Quiz on May 21st

8th Grade Homework May 14th

8th Grade

Complete Looking for Pythagoras Homework Sheet Lesson 2.4

thumbnail of G8.LFP.Lesson2.4.HW

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