Mr. Wegiel

Algorithm to Multiply and Divide with Negative Numbers

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Important Announcement

Accentuate the Negative Investigation 2 and 3 Quiz on Wednesday October 17th.

Homework October 11th

7th Grade 

Lesson 3.2 Due 10/12

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Homework October 9th

7th Grade 

Lesson 3.1 Due 10/11

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8th Grade 

Lesson 3.2 Due 10/10

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8th Grade Quiz on Thursday from Say it with Symbols Investigation 2 and 3

October 5th Homework

7th Grade

Complete Lesson 2.4 Due 10/9

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Homework October 4th

7th Grade

Complete Lesson 2.3 Due 10/5

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8th Grade

Complete Lesson 3.1 Due 10/9

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Homework October 2nd

8th Grade
Complete Lesson 2.4 Worksheet Due 10/3

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Homework October 1st

7th Grade 

Complete Lesson 2.2 Due October 3rd

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8th Grade 

Complete Lesson 2.3 Due October 2nd

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Virtual Volume Pouring and Filling (8th Grade)


Parent Advisory Board Meeting and High School Fair

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