601 Math

4.4 – Solving Equations

Complete pages 192 – 195 in your READY Book (Lesson 19).  Put all answers on a separate sheet of paper.

Finish pages 10 and 11 in your packet.

Test Date Change! – March 20, 2020

Test will be on Friday, March 20th.

Extra help will be Wednesday, March 18th.

Solving Equations/Test Prep Packet

Complete pages 4 and 5 in your equations packet (adding and subtraction only).

Finish the 2015 test prep packet.

Test Prep Packet 2015

Complete Book 2 in your 2015 packet.

Finish your CW from today…the expressions pages only!


Investigation 3 Review – Quiz Tomorrow!!!

Finish your classwork from today.  This includes finishing page 75 in the textbook and the review sheet.  Study Study Study!!!!

Investigation 3 – Tables, Graphs, Equations

Complete pages 185 – 187 in your Investigation 3 Packet


Make Up HW

Any makeup HW is due by tomorrow morning.  Please make sure everything is labeled with the correct assignment and your name is on it.


3.2 – Tables, Graphs, Equations

Finish your classwork from page 71 part D.  These were the instructions from class.


3.2 Tables, Graphs Equations

601 – Complete exercise 22 worksheet and part D on page 71

602 – finish the packet – 3.2 B and exercise 22 worksheet


3.1 – Creating equations and expressions

Complete pages 180 and 181 in the Investigation 3 Packet.

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