601 Math

4.1 – Fact Families

Complete page 84 in your packet.


Your unit test will be next week!


Investigations 2 & 3 Quiz

Study for your quiz on investigations 2 & 3. Refer to all handouts and review sheet

Dividing Fractions

Complete page 7 in your dividing fractions packet.


Investigations 2 and 3 Quiz

Finish the review sheet from class today.  Study for your quiz.


Investigation 3 Packet

Finish the Investigation 3 Packet.  It will be due no later than Tuesday.


Quiz on Thursday 1/16 on Investigations 2 and 3!!!


2.3 – Multiplying Mixed Numbers

Complete the classwork packet from today.  It is due on Thursday.


2.1 – Using Area Models to Multiply

1.) page 37 (1-2)

2.) page 40 (28 – 29)


Investigation 1 Reflection

Complete page 28.  Answer each question in complete sentences.  I will be collecting it on Monday.


Investigation 1 Review

Finish the review sheet from class and study!


1.4 – Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers/Fractions

Complete page 66 in your packet.  Do not lose it.  You will need it after break!


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