Ms. Speciale

READY Lesson 32

Finish lesson 32 in your READY packet.


Year Review

Finish your CW from today.  It was pages 3 – 11.  If you went beyond that you will get a check plus.

Experimental Probability

Finish ALL of lesson 31 in your READY packet.



Intro to Probability

601 – Complete pages 281 – 283 in your classwork packet.

602 – Complete page 57 in your HW packet – NOT the READY packet.


Data About Us Packet

Complete pages 213 – 214


2.4 – qualitative vs. quantitative

complete page 49 (10 – 16) and page 54 (28 – 32)


2.3 – How Changing Data Values Affect the Mean and Median

Complete pages 43 and 44 parts D and E.

Study for your partner quiz!


2.3 – Exploring Changes in Mean and Median

Finish your classwork from today – part A on page 42.  You may need the information on page 41.  We will work on the rest tomorrow in class.

**Remember…partner quiz on Friday!**

Mean, Median, Mode

1.)  Complete the Mean, Median, Mode practice sheet

2.)  602 – you need to finish your CW from today.  It can be found in 2.2.  You need to finish part B.  Be ready to compile a group response with your math groups tomorrow.



2.2 – Analyzing the Mean and Median

Complete page 210 in your Data About Us packet


**Investigation 2 Quiz is on Friday 5/24**

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