8th Grade Science

HW 4/26


8th grade – Do any background research for your family Pedigree that you need – we will do the final draft in class tomorrow!

HW 4/25

6th grade – Pick on organism and give an example of how it uses energy for:

  1. Movement
  2. Maintenance
  3. Growth/Reproduction
  4. Waste

HW Wednesday 4/19

6th grade – Finish calorimeter conclusions – see previous links. You will hand in your data, graph, and conclusion sheet stapled.

7th grade – See previous link

8th grade – Punnett square worksheet – 10 practice problems thumbnail of Punnett Square Practice Pages


6th grade – review sheet ecosystemreview2017 + Start Quiz Friday

Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/644ed7cd-85e5-4b5e-ac23-75ebdd75ff30

601 – Finish “Calorimeter conclusions” and graph – calorimeteranalysis

7th grade – review sheet geologyreview2 + Start Quiz Friday

Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/5ccee6aa-b7db-484b-8f44-8df001ee37cd


8th grade – Mendel reading mendelquestions;

review sheet due Thursday cellreview2017 + Start quiz Friday

Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/98fd0027-8321-4924-b50b-64463332fa7d

HW 3/8

All grades – Finish the science fair due Friday.

  • If you need a weekend extension ask Mr. Pistell
  • 7th grade – You have one extra week – due March 17th if you need it

Use the website http://sciencefair78.weebly.com as your guide


HW 3/6

6th grade – Finish putting together your part of the “Ecoscenarios” (ecosystems) project – introduction, abiotic, biotic, or issues. Ecoscenario Project Guidelines-modified


7th grade – Science fair only


8th grade – Finish Cells review sheet cellquizreview


All grades: Science fair due on Friday – use the website http://sciencefair78.weebly.com as a guide for each requirement.

HW 3/2

All grades – we will work on science fair on Friday – if you still need to plan your procedure, you can do that on Friday. You should already have the planning sheet done. If you have already run your experiment/project, you can type up your analysis/conclusions on Friday. As of now science fair is due March 10th.


8th grade – Cell review sheet due Friday

New HW 2/27

All grades – Finish science fair planning (a half sheet of paper) if you didn’t already – see previous post. You can fill it out in your notebook if you prefer.


As of now the middle school science fair is extended 1 week, to March 10th!

February Break HW

All grades – Use http://sciencefair78.weebly.com to plan your science fair project. You should finish ALL planning aspects of your experiment/project and be ready to run it after we get back from the break. Here is the planning sheet that you should fill out: sciencefairplanningday2


8th grade additional HW – Don’t forget about finishing your quiz after the break – see previous HW links


7th grade additional HW – You have to work on both science… Continue reading

HW 2/16

8th grade – UPDATE: There are issues with the Kahoot for some reason! Therefore, we will START the quiz tomorrow – you can do the problems you wish (before you forget anything over break) then FINISH after the break once we figure out the Kahoot! So there’s zero pressure on you tomorrow – just put down what you know and finish the rest later. After that, we will continue work on science fair.


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