8th Grade Science

Wednesday December 12th

7th Grade – Quiz Friday on Tectonic plates. Review sheet given out tomorrow, due Wednesday. Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/a92c9aab-261e-4ae5-9b6e-5b4a1b21a78f


8th Grade -Newton’s Law photography due Friday – one of your group members should have the assignment sheet.

Monday 12/3

7th Grade – Be prepared to finish and hand in your tectonic plate activity. You should finish highlighting your individual data with tectonic plate boundaries.


802 – Do the Newton’s Law Scavenger hunt – from the bottom of the second to last page, to the last page. Search “Newton’s Laws Interactive”  – http://www.sciencechannel.com/newtons-laws-of-motion-interactive/and you should be able to find an interactive web page with a worm – work your way through the 3 laws!

– Plus, quiz Friday!

Wednesday 11/28

7th Grade – Do the Dissolving review sheet. Quiz Friday. Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/c8e41df1-c7b2-4120-be19-64cd0ec1ecc4

Monday 11/26

7th grade – Get 10 observations of your specialist data. Also, in light pencil, take a guess as to where your tectonic plate boundaries are, following patterns in the data. Go to pistellscience.com to find your data.

Thanksgiving Break HW

7th grade – Get the Junior Ambassadors letter signed and fill out the brainstorming sheet. Quiz on dissolving on Friday!


8th grade – None

Friday, November 16th

8th grade – Quiz Tuesday on Eclipses and Tides. Review sheet given out in class. Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/34abe904-ffea-4f6f-bd28-8ee08d419d07


7th grade – We will finish the dissolving lab next week.

Tuesday, November 13th

7th Grade – Today we dissolved many solutes to test solubility. Quiz on dissolving coming up soon!

8th grade – Today we finished eclipses and started tides.Quiz on eclipses and tides coming up soon!

Friday, November 2nd and the Weekend

All classes: If you lost work, replace it at pistellscience.com . Click on your grade, then find the Quarter 1 Portfolio link.


7th Grade – Hand in missing work for you portfolio.

– STEM report due – one page single spaced. Assignment sheet – stemreport. You should also get one image to represent each paragraph that you wrote, for a total of 4 images.

Quiz on Balancing Chemical Equations and Missing Molecules. I gave a review… Continue reading

Monday October 29th

701 – Finish the Missing Molecules extension problems

All 7th grade:

  • Quiz Friday on balancing and finding missing molecules in chemical equations (no review sheet)
  • Monday – STEM report is due (single-spaced, one page)
  • Quiz on robotics programming next week during the robotics period

8th grade – Continue working on your Mythbusters assignment. Due on Tuesday, November 6th.

Wednesday, October 24th

8th Grade – For the Mythbusters assignment – type up a written procedure (rough draft) of how you would test any myth or superstition, as a professional scientist. Show what you have learned over the years about designing scientific experiments – it should not be amateur. You can use either bullet points or a numbered procedure. Paper – myths


7th grade – Finish the final draft of the “Reaction recipe” assignment. It will go on the bulletin board,… Continue reading

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