8th Grade Science

Week of June 10th

7th Grade – Your final projects for the United Nations Junior Ambassadors are due this Friday! Then the Friday after that, you are required to share your project with the world!

8th Grade – Final exam

Your State Test is on Monday!

Sleep well the night before, and eat breakfast.

Run this Kahoot for an extra 5% on your score. Put your first name so Mr. Pistell knows you attempted it – he will see your score. https://create.kahoot.it/share/level-4-science-test-review/28082542-0a4c-40d5-b0b3-6149774b1f59

You can also do corrections to increase your score – on looseleaf, give a one-sentence explanation of the correct answer and why it is the correct answer!

The Exam you took: finalexam2019

Answer sheet – finalexamanswersheet75questionsanswers

Tuesday May 28th

7th Grade – Make massive progress on your Sumo robot! It should all be together in one big piece, and you should have a color sensor pointing down near the front, less than 1 cm from the ground, so it can detect the black edge of the octagon.

701 – Use your science period to work on your robot since we missed             robotics yesterday

702 – Use both… Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend HW


  • Finish your practice test! Mark your answers honestly! After you finish, please write corrections for everything you got wrong on a separate piece of paper!

finalexampreparation2019 – Practice Final Exam (Last Year’s Test)

– Do the Top 100 Packet as much as possible so you can use it in the last few minutes of the test! I hope you brought your packet home.


7th Grade – Begin to gather UN materials for… Continue reading

HW Tuesday 5/21

7th grade – Print this flyer, tell one person about what we’re trying to do this year, and try to raise a little bit of money! Thank you!

8th grade – Your state lab test is this week. Your final exam is next Wednesday.

8th Grade Assignment Friday 5/17

thumbnail of practicemultiplechoice2

Reproduction and Development


(In class assignment for 8th grade)

HW 5/10

7th and 8th grade – Science fair extended to May 15th

8th grade – Bring your materials to build a DNA model

8th grade – I will test you on the 3 mini-labs next class:

1: Sorting dinosaurs + microscope

2: Rolling something down a ramp and graphing it

3: Finding the density of a block

Use the labs we did in class to study!

Spring Break HW

Gather materials for your science fair experiment!

HW 4/16

8th grade – We are having a quiz on Selection before Spring Break!

802 – Quiz Wednesday

801 – Quiz Thursday

You may create a “not a cheatsheet” on an index card – writing ANYTHING you want that will help you succeed on the quiz!

Kahoot: https://create.kahoot.it/share/duplicate-of-natural-and-artificial-selection/c835a664-1a56-40cd-a0a1-89464db60e68

Review sheet – Selection Quiz Review

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