8th Grade Science

Weekend HW 1/19

6th Grade – Finish 3 chapters of your water cycle “phase change” story – details at http://watercycleweather.weebly.com


702 – Get the UN media consent form signed


8th grade – None



HW 1/18

6th Grade – Finish the Heat Transfer foldable for Conduction, Convection, and Radiation.

You should include:

  1. Definition – of each of the 3 words
  2. Drawing – of A NEW example from everyday life, for each word
  3. Sentence – Explaining the picture (The hamburger conducts heat to the cheese)

HW 1/17

702 – Finish rock layer puzzles

HW 1/16

8th grade –

žTask: Write a story (starring you!) taking place in LIC and make a distance-time graph to match the story.


žChoose 5 “steps” to include, and decide their order


žStanding still

žIncreasing distance at high speed

žIncreasing distance at low speed

žDecreasing distance at high speed

žDecreasing distance at low speed

žAcceleration (speeding up)

žDeceleration (slowing down)


žHow you’re graded:

7 points for the 7 steps in the story

7 points for the 7 steps in the graph

Weekend HW 1/5

6th Grade – Finish the review sheet; Quiz next Wednesday on Atmosphere and States/Phases of Matter

Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=777f241f-3a13-4a74-be56-e56de7d5c3a7

Review sheet – atmospherereview2016


7th grade – Quiz tomorrow (Tuesday) on Minerals. There is no review sheet; use the 7 properties of minerals lab from class. However there is a Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=0d6c1e55-d6c2-4419-8cc4-f64ef0bddd39


8th grade – None

HW Wednesday 1/3

6th Grade – UPDATE: For the compound machine home project, you also have the option of making a blueprint, instead of a video, to save time. It is still due Friday. If you make a video, you don’t have to do a blueprint!

Compound Machine Project due Friday  (1/5/2018): compoundmachinehomeproject. The more students in the group, the more (different) simple machines you should include.

Working solo: At least 2 simple machines

Partners: At least 3

Group of… Continue reading

HW 12/19

7th grade – Quiz Thursday on Chemistry

Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=623df9bc-f710-4f28-9e9e-1f0674f459b5



HW 12/13

6th Grade – Quiz on Simple and Complex Machines. Study with the review sheet machinereview2016 , the summary chart of the 6 simple machines, and the Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=7f0251bd-9b79-4af2-8405-7907eee386f9

HW Tuesday 12/12

6th grade – Simple and complex machines quiz on Thursday

7th grade – Get the Junior Ambassadors letter signed (anywhere) by a parent

8th grade – Finish the first Newton’s law scavenger hunt


HW 12/7

8th Grade – Finish the Astronomy “Deep Space” paper astrotopics – due tomorrow


7th Grade – Finish the “6 phases of matter” pyramid foldable