7th Grade Science

HW 5/30

8th Grade – Finish “round 3” of the Top 100 packet. See previous posts!

You will also get a head start on the final tomorrow, and we will finish the final on Thursday as promised.

Memorial Day Weekend HW

8th Grade –

  1. Get the Final/State Test information paper signed. Get this paper signed
  2. Do 2 rounds of the “Top 100” packet with a partner. top100


Super-kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/1c70bcbf-2add-46cd-9533-06aa1c5dd4e2

Old state tests: http://www.nysedregents.org/grade8/science/home.html

Powerpoints with question and answers:





7th grade: Excellent job with the Australian Ambassador! Make a list of materials and services you might need for your UN project. Make a list of possible professionals that could be your mentor. Do… Continue reading

HW 5/24

8th grade – If you didn’t take the lab practical test, you will take it tomorrow. The final exam will be the end of next week, just before the multiple choice/free response part of the real state test.


7th grade – Tomorrow is our last day to prepare for the Australian ambassador! If you would like to do anything for her, please bring it tomorrow and we can “put it all together.”


6th grade – Classification quiz coming… Continue reading

HW 5/16

7th grade – finish the digestive system comic. digestioncomic


801 – finish the 5 practice problems adaptationsquestions and the adaptations assignment with the printout. adaptationrubric

HW 5/15

7th grade – finish your organism cards (organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cell) by tomorrow



HW 5/9

8th Grade – Quiz Friday on Genetics (review sheet due Thursday)

Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/ddc042da-344b-4c48-8b64-80e0382eb080

Review sheet: geneticsreview2017


7th grade: Quiz Friday

Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/93c36ae3-4a5b-4531-87ec-036fb87bb7bd

Review sheet: volcanoreview2017


6th grade: Optional – Bring 6 objects from home to classify in class (6 different spinners, etc.)


Design squad – Bring barbies!!!

Weekend HW 5/5

7th grade – Finish the volcano foldable. On the outside, draw the shape of each of the 3 volcanoes – cinder cone, shield, and stratovolcano. On the inside, use your notes to explain how each volcano got its shape. On the outside, label the different features of each volcano (what comes out, shape, material, etc.)


802 – finish your family pedigree

801 – finish your family pedigree and the pedigree practice problems

602 – Finish the index card classification… Continue reading

HW 5/4

7th grade – Prepare the following for the Australian ambassador:


8th grade – We will finish ALL pedigree stuff in class tomorrow – the family pedigree, the pedigree practice problems, and going over those problems. If you won’t be able to finish in half a period, you may need to do some work at home.


Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/ddc042da-344b-4c48-8b64-80e0382eb080

HW 5/2

601 – Finish the 8 classification cards if you didn’t in class! (DKPCOFGS)



HW 4/26


8th grade – Do any background research for your family Pedigree that you need – we will do the final draft in class tomorrow!