7th Grade Science

Wednesday, October 17th

701 – Make a rough draft of your “reaction recipe”. Tonight – make a snazzy title and a chemical equation for your recipe.


8th grade – You should be finished with your astronomy foldable explaining 4 things – a day, a month, a year, and the seasons.

Friday 10/15

7th Grade – Today we finished our element presentations. HW – Finish BOTH PAGES of the “sticker activity” in your chemistry packet. On the 2nd page, cross out the first column – Substance name – because it’s not required.


8th grade – Today we started the astronomy “fortune teller” which you will finish tomorrow. We also went over the Sun and Earth physical model.

Thursday 10/11

7th grade – We just finished our quiz. HW – Your element presentation should be finished because we will do a gallery walk tomorrow.


8th grade – Tomorrow we will finish the day+night physical model and simulation.

Columbus Day Weekend HW

7th Grade – Quiz on Tuesday. Review sheet in previous post. Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/ea1d05f2-d2b7-493f-9093-ba4b7337d610

8th Grade – Quiz on Tuesday. Review sheet in previous post. Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/963c5626-6862-43eb-9c80-4d3cf40b8b3e

Wednesday 10/3

8th Grade – Today we started the Eratosthenes experiment. Review sheet and infographic due Friday – see previous posts. Quiz Tuesday.


7th grade – Today we continued our work on the element project. Review sheet due Friday. Quiz Tuesday.

Tuesday 10/2

8th Grade HW – First review sheet – 8th Grade Quiz 1 Review – 2018 due Friday. Quiz in 1 week – Tuesday!



7th grade HW – First review sheet – 7th Grade Quiz 1 Review – 2018 – due Friday. Quiz in 1 week – Tuesday!

Tonight’s HW – Work on your element project presentation for 30 minutes.

Rubric – elementrubric


Monday, October 1st

702 – Today in class, we found elements on the periodic table. For HW, decide which element you want to do a short presentation on.

701 – Today we started research on the element presentation. Please finish your presentation at home because tomorrow we will present them to each other in a gallery walk.

– I will give you 15 minutes to finish your presentation tomorrow!

You will prepare a short 2-minute “roundtable” computer presentation to the class

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Thursday 9/27

801 – Today we worked on the planet infographic. HW – Put your “top 10” interesting facts about your planet, and your real and scale numbers, into the infographic. We will make the scale models in class.

Infographic due in 1 week – Rubric – scalesolarsystem2018


701 – Today we explored elements in everyday products. For HW, find 10 elements in your home, taking as many products as you need to find those 10 elements.

Wednesday 9/26



Today we calculated our scale solar system model sizes, and learned about why the metric system is the best! Tomorrow we start to build the planet infographic.


7th grade – We did experiments to figure out the mystery mixture, finishing the lab sheet. No HW.

Monday 9/24

802 – Today we learned scientific notation. Finish the first 2 scientific notation mazes.


7th grade – Today we continued observations of the 9 substances. Tomorrow we will do as many reactions as possible to figure out what is in the mystery mixture. Finish the preassessment if you did not finish it in class last week.



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