7th Grade Science

UN Junior Ambassador Stuff

Our final event is in 1 week!

New logo –

Philanthropy – Find 3 schools on each continent and Translate this Solarkitletter to their language

Art – Finish your art!

Media – Record your song

Event planning – You will manage the table at the year-end conference

Awareness – Print your materials

Advocacy – Plan on when to hand out the awareness team’s materials

Fundraising – Finish the Sankey diagram

Week of June 10th

7th Grade – Your final projects for the United Nations Junior Ambassadors are due this Friday! Then the Friday after that, you are required to share your project with the world!

Tuesday May 28th

7th Grade – Make massive progress on your Sumo robot! It should all be together in one big piece, and you should have a color sensor pointing down near the front, less than 1 cm from the ground, so it can detect the black edge of the octagon.

701 – Use your science period to work on your robot since we missed             robotics yesterday

702 – Use both… Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend HW


  • Finish your practice test! Mark your answers honestly! After you finish, please write corrections for everything you got wrong on a separate piece of paper!

finalexampreparation2019 – Practice Final Exam (Last Year’s Test)

– Do the Top 100 Packet as much as possible so you can use it in the last few minutes of the test! I hope you brought your packet home.


7th Grade – Begin to gather UN materials for… Continue reading

HW Tuesday 5/21

7th grade – Print this flyer, tell one person about what we’re trying to do this year, and try to raise a little bit of money! Thank you!

8th grade – Your state lab test is this week. Your final exam is next Wednesday.

Reproduction and Development


(In class assignment for 8th grade)

HW 5/10

7th and 8th grade – Science fair extended to May 15th

8th grade – Bring your materials to build a DNA model

8th grade – I will test you on the 3 mini-labs next class:

1: Sorting dinosaurs + microscope

2: Rolling something down a ramp and graphing it

3: Finding the density of a block

Use the labs we did in class to study!

Spring Break HW

Gather materials for your science fair experiment!

Solar Power Research Links

Solar House Rubric –



– Solar panel calculator – Pick your state and your roof size. Tells you how many kilowatt-hours per year, how many panels you can fit on your roof, and how much total power that will generate, and how much you could save. Also lists the top 10 solar panels that are sold.

https://www.gogreensolar.com/pages/how-many-solar-panels-do-i-need – Calculate how many watts you need from your solar panels

https://www.energysage.com/solar/calculator-results/ – Type in your address and see if your… Continue reading

HW 4/16

8th grade – We are having a quiz on Selection before Spring Break!

802 – Quiz Wednesday

801 – Quiz Thursday

You may create a “not a cheatsheet” on an index card – writing ANYTHING you want that will help you succeed on the quiz!

Kahoot: https://create.kahoot.it/share/duplicate-of-natural-and-artificial-selection/c835a664-1a56-40cd-a0a1-89464db60e68

Review sheet – Selection Quiz Review

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