7th Grade Science

HW Wednesday 1/15

7th Grade – Critical Juncture Assessment – Phase Change 3.4


8th Grade – None

HW Tuesday 1/14

8th Grade – Finish Drawing your Genetics Monster so that it is ready to mate with another monster.


7th Grade – Finish Phase Change 2.3.4 – Scientific argument

HW Tuesday 1/7

8th Grade – Finish your Engineering/Design writeups for either the Egg Drop or the Pods for Emergency Supplies.

*Introduction – Describe the problem you are trying to solve, the design constraints (considerations) of the problem, and the limited resources you had!

*Body – Describe how you honed (improved) your design through several iterations (versions).

*Conclusion – Describe your final design and the tradeoffs you made.


7th Grade –

Annotate the first page of “Weird Water” in 1.4

Quiz Thursday… Continue reading

HW Thursday January 2nd

7th Grade – Complete the Phase Change Preassessment

8th grade – Tomorrow we will have the Egg Drop Contest. You will also find the best design combinations for the Emergency Supply Pods tomorrow.

Holiday Science Class Status

7th Grade – Before the break, we just took a quiz on Cellular Respiration (see previous posts for Kahoot and review sheet). If you missed the quiz, you will take it when we get back. We will continue with Phase Changes and Chemistry in Amplify! You will also have one final quiz on programming sensors for robotics! More details on that coming soon.


8th Grade – Before the break, we just took a quiz on Forces and Motion (see… Continue reading

Health Class Second Quarter Assignment

Health Class – The project for second quarter health class is to design a fitness plan for your college self, because that is the time when you will be in control of your own decisions in terms of health and fitness.


– Use Powerpoint or another presentation program

– Each slide should have a diagram of an exercise, and WHY you chose to include that exercise

– Include Strength exercises (Weightlifting or bodyweight resistance)

– Include Cardio or Aerobic… Continue reading


You will play Kahoot TWICE to review, then have the remainder of the period to finish the review sheet for your quiz this week. Pick someone to help run the Kahoot from a computer, then everyone else play!


Make sure to put these Kahoot settings:

  • Random question order
  • Random answer order


8th Grade Kahoot: https://create.kahoot.it/share/forces-and-motion-quiz-2/a9f0f475-228d-4129-84d5-8b0d2d36e9e6

  • Quiz Friday


7th Grade Kahoot: https://create.kahoot.it/share/cellular-respiration/d23d236a-fb93-4cbd-9ef6-6bd9ae2e8558

  • Quiz Thursday



Weekend HW

7th Grade – Annotate the article “Blood Doping” in Metabolism 3.4

8th Grade – Finish your final argument in 3.4.5


HW Tuesday 12/10

7th Grade – Annotate the article “Cellular Respiration” in Metabolism 3.2


8th grade – Annotate the article “Crash!” in Forces 3.1

HW Thursday 12/5

7th Grade –


Quiz Thursday

Review sheet – metabolism12review

Kahoot: https://create.kahoot.it/share/metabolism-chapters-1-and-2/0fbe23da-e369-4c05-85b9-d748836796f9


8th Grade – Quiz FRIDAY

Review sheet – Forces Chapter 1 – Review

Kahoot: https://create.kahoot.it/share/forces-and-motion-chapter-1/a2b7bca2-9b72-48e1-b7de-3a7868ab02ba

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