6th Grade Science

Weekend HW

6th Grade – Rube Goldberg videos due last week! (see previous descriptions)

6th Grade – Review sheet due Wednesday – energytypereview

Quiz Thursday on energy types  -Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/0784fef0-5c72-4159-8a40-c36b8b4028e3


7th Grade – Quiz next Tuesday – Chemical Substances and Reactions

Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/aa389424-c8f7-4c6e-85b8-c8dccff2664c


– You should also be done with the element presentation


8th Grade – Quiz next Tuesday – Solar System and Metric System

– Finish review sheet by Friday astronomyreview1

Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/c715eba1-76c1-43f6-b202-b25e414b0a20

HW Monday 10/16

6th grade – see previous links since I do not have you until Wednesday.

7th grade – Chemistry review sheet Chemistry Review 1

8th grade – Astronomy review sheet astronomyreview1

8th grade –  The Mythbusters assignment should also be finished and handed in by USB.

Weekend HW 10/13

6th grade – Rube Goldberg video due Thursday the 19th (see previous descriptions – you need 2 videos: a “successful attempt” video, and a video explaining the energies.


7th grade – Find 10 elements in food, kitchen, or bathroom products and write down where you found them. If you find more than one element in an item, that’s good! Bring in your list on Monday.


8th grade – Mythbusters final project due Tuesday – put it on a… Continue reading

Rube Goldberg Machine due Dates

6th Grade:

Rube Goldberg blueprint due Thursday October 12th blueprintrubric

Rube Goldberg video due Thursday October 19th –

There should be 2 videos made:

  1. A video of the Rube Goldberg machine running successfully.
  2. An explanation video – explaining the types of energy in the machine, and how the machine works.

The reason we split it into 2 videos is because it may take many attempts for the machine to work – so you do not want to repeat your explanation 20 times.

HW Wednesday 10/4

702 – Quiz tomorrow

701 – Quiz Friday

8th grade – Quiz Friday

6th grade – Quiz Friday

All grades – See previous posts for links to Kahoot practice and review sheets.

Kahoot Links

6th grade Kahoot – https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/6c856c8e-3753-41c0-aebd-16fa90d396e4


7th grade Kahoot – https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/4d509d6f-8437-4ee2-b487-2fa876759a94


8th grade Kahoot – https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/37bfa205-176c-4ba6-8e96-00a5d8458d29

Weekend HW 9/29

6th grade – review sheet 6th Grade Quiz 1 Review – 2017

7th grade – review sheet7th Grade Quiz 1 Review – 2017

8th grade – review sheet8th Grade Quiz 1 Review – 2017

HW Thursday 9/28

6th grade – Make a material list for your Rube Goldberg machine, of materials you have at home, that you could use to build the machine. Start by looking up “Rube Goldberg machine” online for ideas! Remember, you are building a Rube Goldberg machine in order to show energy transfer. The 7 types of energy you may involve are kinetic, potential, electric, light, heat, sound, and chemical energies. The machine must be built at home, although we will plan it… Continue reading

Mini-break HW Wednesday 9/19

The following assignment is due for:

6th grade – Thursday the 28th

7th and 8th grade – past due.


Finish your “celebrity scientific method” story (observation, question, research, hypothesis) on Microsoft Word (or on index cards if you do not have access to Word.) Make up your own story!

Use my template: celebrityscientificmethodtemplate


Use my 2 examples as models:


The LeBron method

You must include 1 sentence per step.

– Students may submit their assignment in… Continue reading

Celebrity Scientific Method