6th Grade Science

HW 12/13

6th Grade – Quiz on Simple and Complex Machines. Study with the review sheet machinereview2016 , the summary chart of the 6 simple machines, and the Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=7f0251bd-9b79-4af2-8405-7907eee386f9

HW Tuesday 12/12

6th grade – Simple and complex machines quiz on Thursday

7th grade – Get the Junior Ambassadors letter signed (anywhere) by a parent

8th grade – Finish the first Newton’s law scavenger hunt


HW 12/7

8th Grade – Finish the Astronomy “Deep Space” paper astrotopics – due tomorrow


7th Grade – Finish the “6 phases of matter” pyramid foldable



HW Monday 12/4

7th grade – We will finish our Balancing and Missing Molecules quiz tomorrow (only 10 minutes to correct it)


8th grade – Astronomy “Deep Space” paper due Friday

Class Coverage Directions 12/1

Class Coverage December 1st – (Mr. Pistell is at the United Nations !)


2nd and 3rd periods– 601

  1. Start with the Kahoot – “Simple and Complex Machines”. https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=7f0251bd-9b79-4af2-8405-7907eee386f9It is loaded on the computer already. Students will help to start and run the game, and they play on iPads.
  2. Plug in the iPads when the game is over.
  3. Students should work on the “Lifting Wheel and Axle” lab and complete the lab sheet. The wheels… Continue reading

HW 11/30

7th Grade – Quiz next class on “Balancing Chemical Equations” and “Missing Molecules”. There will be no review sheet or Kahoot for this quiz! (a rare exception)



Balancing chemical equations videos –




8th grade – Quiz Friday on everything MOON

HW – Review sheet: moonreview2016

Kahoot: https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=22577167-7eb6-4d9d-8e04-b9cfed1c4cfa

HW 11/21

8th grade – Finish the Spring and Neap tides half-worksheet. Include:

  1. Spring or neap tide
  2. Moon phase
  3. Draw the hydrosphere
  4. Label the High Tide and Low tide in EACH hydrosphere

HW 11/20

802 – Finish the tide simulation worksheet

7th grade – Finish the Dissolving lab

HW Wednesday 11/15

601 – Finish the Inclined Plane Lab #1-5

7th grade – Finish all “Missing molecules” problems

8th grade – None

HW Tuesday 11/14

8th grade – Finish the “Moon Phase Positions” problems (extension too)

7th Grade – None

6th Grade – None