Mr. Pistell, Science

Wednesday, October 17th

701 – Make a rough draft of your “reaction recipe”. Tonight – make a snazzy title and a chemical equation for your recipe.


8th grade – You should be finished with your astronomy foldable explaining 4 things – a day, a month, a year, and the seasons.

Friday 10/15

7th Grade – Today we finished our element presentations. HW – Finish BOTH PAGES of the “sticker activity” in your chemistry packet. On the 2nd page, cross out the first column – Substance name – because it’s not required.


8th grade – Today we started the astronomy “fortune teller” which you will finish tomorrow. We also went over the Sun and Earth physical model.

Thursday 10/11

7th grade – We just finished our quiz. HW – Your element presentation should be finished because we will do a gallery walk tomorrow.


8th grade – Tomorrow we will finish the day+night physical model and simulation.

Columbus Day Weekend HW

7th Grade – Quiz on Tuesday. Review sheet in previous post. Kahoot:

8th Grade – Quiz on Tuesday. Review sheet in previous post. Kahoot:

Wednesday 10/3

8th Grade – Today we started the Eratosthenes experiment. Review sheet and infographic due Friday – see previous posts. Quiz Tuesday.


7th grade – Today we continued our work on the element project. Review sheet due Friday. Quiz Tuesday.

Tuesday 10/2

8th Grade HW – First review sheet – 8th Grade Quiz 1 Review – 2018 due Friday. Quiz in 1 week – Tuesday!



7th grade HW – First review sheet – 7th Grade Quiz 1 Review – 2018 – due Friday. Quiz in 1 week – Tuesday!

Tonight’s HW – Work on your element project presentation for 30 minutes.

Rubric – elementrubric


Monday, October 1st

702 – Today in class, we found elements on the periodic table. For HW, decide which element you want to do a short presentation on.

701 – Today we started research on the element presentation. Please finish your presentation at home because tomorrow we will present them to each other in a gallery walk.

– I will give you 15 minutes to finish your presentation tomorrow!

You will prepare a short 2-minute “roundtable” computer presentation to the class

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Parent Advisory Board Meeting and High School Fair

High School Fairs

thumbnail of Fall 2018 High School Fair Flyer – ENGLISHthumbnail of Spanish High School Fair 2018

Thursday 9/27

801 – Today we worked on the planet infographic. HW – Put your “top 10” interesting facts about your planet, and your real and scale numbers, into the infographic. We will make the scale models in class.

Infographic due in 1 week – Rubric – scalesolarsystem2018


701 – Today we explored elements in everyday products. For HW, find 10 elements in your home, taking as many products as you need to find those 10 elements.

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