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Science Fair Planning

Finish your science fair planning!

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Planning –

Title – Make sure the Title is eye-catching

Question (purpose) – What question are you trying to answer with your experiment? What problem are you trying to solve with your engineering project?

Hypothesis – Predict the answer or outcome of the question

Materials – Make sure this list is detailed and has AMOUNTS

Procedure – Make sure this is so detailed that anyone could do the… Continue reading

Science Fair Letter

thumbnail of Science Fair letter updated 2020

Monday 2/24

7th Grade – Quiz Thursday on Balancing Chemical Equations only.


Your balancing equations classwork is what you should study from! There is no additional review sheet.

Helpful videos:


8th Grade – Quiz Friday on Cell Organelles only.

Review sheet: cellorganellereview


HW 2/11

702 – balancingequations2 – Try the first 6 problems!

7th Grade – Quiz Thursday. Review sheet – chemistryquiz12020



8th grade – Quiz Friday

Review sheet:celldivisioncancerreview


HW Monday 2/10

7th Grade – Quiz Thursday; do the review sheet!

8th grade – Quiz Friday; do the review sheet!

Candy Cell Key

Edit this document – candycellkey

Weekend HW

701 – Try the first 6 balancing chemical equations problems

7th Grade – Quiz Thursday on Elements, Periodic Table, Balancing Equations

8th Grade – Bring one bag of any candy, for the candy cell assignment!

  • Quiz Thursday on Cell Division, Cancer, and Pedigrees


7th Grade:

Quiz Thursday on Phase Changes. Kahoot:

You will prepare a short 2-minute “roundtable” computer presentation of an element to the class:

Slide 1 – Basic info – Show the element box. What is the element’s atomic number, symbol, and atomic weight? Is it a metal, nonmetal, or metalloid? Which “group” is the element part of?

Slide 2 Where is the element found naturally on Earth? How do humans obtain it?

Slide 3 – How… Continue reading

HW 1/27

7th Grade – Phase Change review sheet; Quiz Thursday

8th Grade – None

HW Tuesday 1/21

7th grade – None

8th Grade – Punnett Square review sheet; Quiz Friday

– Research more about your family tree so that we can make a pedigree!

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