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Solar Power Research Links

Solar House Rubric –

– Solar panel calculator – Pick your state and your roof size. Tells you how many kilowatt-hours per year, how many panels you can fit on your roof, and how much total power that will generate, and how much you could save. Also lists the top 10 solar panels that are sold. – Calculate how many watts you need from your solar panels – Type in your address and see if your… Continue reading

HW 4/16

8th grade – We are having a quiz on Selection before Spring Break!

802 – Quiz Wednesday

801 – Quiz Thursday

You may create a “not a cheatsheet” on an index card – writing ANYTHING you want that will help you succeed on the quiz!


Review sheet – Selection Quiz Review

Weekend HW

7th Grade – Dress like an Ambassador Monday! We’re going to the United Nations!!!

Monday 4/8

7th Grade – Quiz on the Circulatory/respiratory system on Wed (702)/Thurs (701)


Also: Use the right half of your review sheet that we used for Beakerball!


Get the NEW United Nations field trip permission slip signed!


8th Grade – Finish the Natural Selection/Artificial Selection assignment. You should have one picture for each, and label up to 5 traits per picture. Under each picture, summarize HOW natural/artificial selection has shaped the traits of the organism – how does it work?

Monday 4/1

7th Grade – Quiz Friday on the Digestive System


8th grade – Finish your “paper bird” lab analysis

HW 3/22

7th Grade – Add solar panel and a battery to your sustainable house in Google Sketchup. We will analyze the house after we add the solar panels:

  • Price of one solar panel
  • Price of the solar array
  • Square footage of one solar panel
  • Square footage of the solar array
  • Wattage of one solar panel
  • Wattage of the solar array


8th Grade – Quiz next week on Punnett Squares and Pedigrees. Kahoot:

We will review this Friday. You… Continue reading

United Nations Kahoot


United Nations 101 (Important Facts)

Tuesday March 12th

802 – Finish your genetic monster mating. You need:

  • Your parent genotypes (letters)
  • Drawing of the parent
  • 5 Punnett Squares
  • Drawing of one possible baby monster

8th Grade – Monday March 11th

thumbnail of nysciencetest

Weekend HW

7th Grade: Before the end of the marking period:

  • Finish science fair planning – title, question, hypothesis, materials, procedure
  • Finish the shape of your house in Google Sketchup

701 – Quiz Thursday on Organ Systems. Kahoot:

702 – Quiz Wednesday on Organ Systems. Kahoot:

8th Grade – Quiz Wednesday. Kahoot:

Before the end of the marking period:

  • Finish science fair planning – title, question, hypothesis, materials, procedure
  • Finish Top 100 Round 1 except for Genetics, Development, Evolution, and Plants

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