701 Math

The Great Math Mystery Supplement Worksheet


Project Work

The last day to work on your project in class is June 6th.  You must submit any worksheets/tests to be copied by tomorrow or you will have to make copies yourself.


Final Review

Continue working on your review packet.  We will review both periods tomorrow.


2.1/2.2 – Interior Angles of Polygons

Finish your KWLHAQ chart from today.


Final Review

Continue to work on the review sheet. We will be reviewing next Wednesday in class for your final on Friday, 5/26.


Investigation 1 Quiz


Study for your quiz on Investigation 1.  Refer to all notes and handouts.  You will be given both types of tools to use tomorrow so make sure that you are familiar.


Transversals – 3.4

Finish classwork packet.


Investigation 1 Quiz


Start studying for Investigation 1 Quiz


**Complete any missing HW

1.4 – Using an Angle Ruler/Complementary VS Supplementary

Complete page 29 (19 – 28) and page 34 (#57)


1.3 – Measuring Angles and Rotations Using a Protractor

Pages 27 and 28 (10 a,d,e/11a,b/12a)