701 Math

New School Year

2018-2019 School Year Starts Here

Math 6 and 701 HW

Grade 6 – Choose your partners and your topic.

701 – Finish the worksheet from today.  Choose your partners and your topic.


Both classes must turn in any missing HW by tomorrow!


Area formulas

Complete the classwork from today.  It was the worksheet on area of a circle.


Shapes and Designs Test

Study for your unit test on Shapes and Designs.  Study the review sheet, notes,and handouts.


Shapes and Designs Review

Continue to work on review sheet and study.  Test Friday!


3.4 – Solving Transversals

Finish packet from class today.  Bring your review sheet tomorrow.


3.4 – Transversals and Angle Measurements

Page 78 #17

Page 84 #39


2.1/2.2 – Angle Sums and Values

Pages 53 – 54 (3 – 11)


2.1 – Shapes and Designs

Finish your classwork from today (2.1) parts A,C, and D.  We will review 2.1 tomorrow and complete parts of 2.2



Shapes and Designs Investigation 1 Quiz

Study for your quiz on Investigation 1.

If you did not hand in your project you must do so tomorrow.