701 Math

Review – Moving Straight Ahead


Finish packet from class.



Comparing and Scaling State Test Review

Complete questions 1 – 14 in your Comparing and Scaling Review packet.


Stretching and shrinking review


Complete the first page in your packet up to question 16.

Combinations Worksheet

Complete worksheet on Combinations.  Don’t forget about Wednesday’s HW!  Project due tomorrow.



NYS Exam Prep


Complete your released questions packet.  Self – Assess yourselves with the answers.  Show all work!!



Samples and Populations Test

Study for your test on Samples and Populations.  Please refer to all notes and handouts.

READY Lesson 13

Complete pages 118 – 121 in your READY book.


Dot Plots, Histograms, Bar Graphs

READY pages 276 – 277 (ALL Questions)

pages 278 – 279 (1 – 3)


Box and Whisker Plots

Complete page 23 in your packet



Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Complete pages 13 – 16 in your packet.