701 Math

Solving Off Sides Equations

Finish page 40 in your packet.  Show the checks also!


Translating Phrases to create and solve equations

Complete page 39 in your packet.


Solving Two Step Equations

Complete page 34 in your packet.  Show all work and check!


3.1 – Connecting solutions in a table, graph and equation

1.) Finish page 56 – you may use the graphing template

2.) Complete the worksheet given


Simplifying and Evaluating Expressions

Finish page 22 (1 – 8) and page 26 (odd numbered questions)

For a Check Plus, complete all problems.


2.4 – connecting tables, graphs, and equations

Using your packet, complete the rest of page 37 in your packet. Make sure all questions are answered.


Friday is a partner quiz. Start studying.

Make up HW

Continue to make up HW.  If you owe me a project it must be in ASAP!


Investigation 1 Reflection

Complete page 27 reflection.  I will be collecting it tomorrow.


1.3 – Patterns of Change in Linear Relationships

Complete the first four problems in the packet.  Make sure all variables are identified and graphs are appropriately labeled.



1.3 – More Equations, Tables, and Graphs

Finish the classwork from today (parts A and B from 1.3).  If you want to go for the check plus, finish part C as well.