602 Math

4.1 – Even and Odd Numbers

1.) Page 75 (1 – 4)

2.) Finish ANY mathXL assignments from Investigations 1, 2, or 3, benchmarks, or Test Nav.

3.) You may begin Math XL for Inv 4.




Investigation 3

1.) Finish Investigation 3 Reflection – it can be found on Pearson Realize

2.)  Finish Math XL as well as any other online assignments

3.)  Make up missing HW


3.3 and Reflection

1.)  Complete the reflection which is on Pearson Realize by Wednesday.  You may submit on the platform or give a hard copy to me.  Please let me know what you choose.

2.)  Finish Math XL 3 on Pearson Realize

3.) Class 602 – Finish 3.3 Parts B – D if you did not in class today.

4.)  Study for your quiz.  Instead of extra help tomorrow, it will be Wednesday, but we will do… Continue reading

Prime Time Investigation 3

1.)  Start to study for the quiz.  Focus on 3.1 – 3.3

2.)  Make up any work on Pearson

3.)  Make up any written homework if you owe me anything.


**Remember…your Quarter 1 project is due on 10/22.**

3.3 – Using Prime Factorization and Alternate Strategies to find LCM and GCF

Page 55 (24 – 26)

Page 57 (37, 40, 41)

You can start Math XL 3 on Pearson.  Please finish any outstanding assignments on Pearson also!


Project 1 Due Date

The Quarter 1 Project – My Favorite Number is due on Monday 10/22/18.  You may hand it in earlier for bonus points.


3.2 – Finding the Longest Factor String

Complete the odd numbered questions on the worksheet.  You may complete more for a check plus!


3.1 Factor Strings Day 2

  1. Complete Part C on page 45.   If you did not finish your factor string list, please find as many more as you can!
  2. Read and define words on page 46.  Include an example.
  3. Continue to work on/finish your REALIZE work.  I have extended some due dates.

Classwork on REALIZE

Finish your classwork on REALIZE.  I uploaded another practice test called TestNav.  That due date is posted for Monday as well.



3.1 – Factor Strings

1.) Complete ACE 3 (page 54 in book) questions 1, 2, and 4

2.) Finish math XL for Investigations 1 and 2.  The deadline was extended to Monday.

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