602 Math

Make Up HW

  • Make up any HW that you owe me and any MathXL
  • You may work on I-READY too.


2.2 – Different Patterns of Change in Graphs

601 – Complete both sides of the first page in your packet

602 – Complete just page 1 in your packet. It is page 43 part A in your book.

2.1 – Independent and Dependent Variables Day 2

1.) Finish the classwork from today

2.) Complete the second page in the packet.

**Both pages must be complete by tomorrow!

2.1 – Independent and Dependent Variables

Page 50 – #1 – Must be completed on graph paper

I-Ready, MathXL, Make-Up HW

  • Complete an I-READY lesson
  • Continue your work with MathXL
  • Make up any HW. You will also be making up any assignments over the vacation if you owe me anything. It is your responsibility to see me for your work.

1.4 – Calculating Average Speed

  • Finish page 19 parts B and C from class in your Variables and Patterns book
  • Makeup and MathXL for Let’s Be Rational and work on MathXL 1 for Variables and Patterns
  • STUDY!!!!

1.3 – Constructing Tables and Graphs

  • Complete the page in your packet that says 1.3 on the top. There is two sides, so make sure that both sides are complete.
  • Continue with MathXL

MathXL – Investigation 1 Variables and Patterns

Work on Investigation 1 on Math XL. Make up anything else that you may owe.

Internet Safety “Kindness Wins” Workshop

1.2 – Identifying the Relationship Between the Table and Graph of the Same Data

  • Finish your graph and table from today. Complete page 13 in your textbook, parts A and B.

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