602 Math

Calculating with Percents

Complete the percents packet from class today.  The packet is from the READY Book.


Multiplying/Dividing Decimals

READY Packet Pages 97 – 99 (22 – 26)


Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Day 1

In your READY packet, complete pages 100 – 101.


Investigation 2 – Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Pages 28 and 29 in your Decimal Ops Book (parts C – F).


Test Practice

Complete pages 1 – 3 in your test bank packet.  You only need to do the Prime Time and Comparing Bits and Pieces sections.  You do not have to do Let’s Be Rational.


Variables and Patterns Review

Finish your review sheet and study!!



Variables and Patterns Review Packet

Complete questions 1- 8 on the multiple choice

Complete #’s 5, 8, 9 on the short answer

Variables and Patterns Review #1

Complete first review packet.  You will be given another one on Monday.

Test is Wednesday and Thursday.

Extra help is Monday!!


One Step Equations and Word Problems

Complete page 10 in your packet.

Finish the CW from today.  I am collecting it.


Solving One Step Equations

Packet Page 6


Must show all balancing steps and checks.  Remember you have two packets.