601 Math

2.1 – Independent and Dependent Variables

Page 50 – Question #1 –you need to use graph paper


1.4 – finding average speed

Using 1.3 as a model, create your own entries to make a table and a graph.  After you make your table and graph, calculate the average speed of your imaginary journey!


1.4 – working backwards to create a table from a graph

Finish the last 2 pages in your packet that have 1.4 in the top corner.  It is 2 questions.


1.3 – Creating a table and graph from a story

Complete the follow up questions to the gallery activity:

o   Identify one similarity to your graph and explain

o   Identify one difference from your graph and explain

o   What is one overall observation that you made

o   Does anyone’s data seem unreasonable? Why?

1.3 – Creating a Table from a Written Story

Finish your classwork from today and the other side of the sheet.  They are both from 1.3.  Do not do the pages for 1.4!


1.2 – Analyzing Tables and Graphs

Complete the first page in your packet.  I will be collecting it tomorrow.  Make sure you answer all parts.


1.2 – Representing Data in tables and graphs

Finish page 13 from class today.


QUIZ FRIDAY on Investigation 1


1.1 – variables and patterns

Finish your classwork from today on page 10.  We will review on Monday.


1.1 – Data Tables and Graphs

1. ) Finish your graph from class today.

2.)  Complete pages 21 and 22 (#’s 2 and 3)


Fractions Word Problems Review

Complete the word problems worksheet for operations with fractions.  Read very carefully!