Social Studies Continent Project

Social Studies Continent Project


Due: Monday 12/17/18


CHOICE 1: Research one continent and find the answers to the following questions:


  • Location: Where is the continent located?
  • Population: How many people live on this continent?
  • Land Mass: What is the size of the land?
  • Number of countries: How many countries make up this continent and what are the names of these countries?


Draw a map of the continent on white paper.  Draw and color carefully and… Continue reading

Homework week of 12/10/18

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1st Grade Homework

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Kindergarten Homework

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Kindergarten Trip

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5th Grade Homework Sheet 12/10/18-12/15/18

Vocabulary Words (from our read aloud Escape to Freedom)

  1. informal
  2. network
  3. invested
  4. advertise
  5. fugitives


  1. Write each vocabulary word 3X to practice the spelling.
  2. Reading Log (45 minutes) Stop and Jot on at least 4 post-its.


  1. Write the definition of each vocabulary word.
  2. Reading Log (45 minutes) Reading Response: What is the theme of your book? Compare the book you are reading now to another book with a similar theme. Remember to use examples from each book in… Continue reading

Homework week of 12/10/18

Vocabulary Homework: 12/10-12/14

Vocabulary Homework: 12/10-12/14


Text: At the Root of It


Weekly Vocabulary Words


  1. climate
  2. surface
  3. sturdy
  4. rely
  5. gust


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Write the definitions of the five words. Put each word from your list into a complete sentence. Write at least one synonym and one antonym for each word on your list. Study for your vocabulary quiz tomorrow.


1st Grade Homework

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Kindergarten Homework

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