MLK Packet

Due this Thursday, January 23.

Vocabulary HW due tomorrow 1/22

Words: justify, elaborate, developed

Topic 16 Math Test

Topic 16 Math Test is this Thursday, January 24.  STUDY!

homework week of 1/21/20

Second Grade Homework Sheet (14)

Homework Jan 21-24

thumbnail of HW Jan 21-24

5th Grade ELA HW January 21-24, 2020


Read your independent reading book for a suggested 45 minutes per night.


Tuesday: Read “A Voice for Women” (Workbook page 142) Underline three phrases that describe the legal status of American women in the 1800’s. Circle three actions that Elizabeth Cady Stanton took to change the status of women. Put a star next to one topic related to women’s rights that you would like to know more about.

Wednesday: Reread “A Voice for Women.”… Continue reading

January Newsletter

thumbnail of January Newsletter

Homework Sheet 1/13 – 1/17

Day Homework
Monday 7.9 q. 1 – 19
Tuesday 7.10 q. 1 – 17
Wednesday 7.11 q. 1 – 16
Thursday 7. 12 q. 1 – 7
Friday Complete any of the review that was not finished in class. Test on Tuesday 1/21/19

Adding Fractions Videos:



Subtracting Fractions Videos:




No Vocabulary Quiz This Week!

School-wide words 1/13-1/17: retrieve, originate

Area Quiz Friday, January 17

To ensure that your child has mastered the concept of area, he or she will be taking an Area Review Quiz on Friday, January 17, 2020.  STUDY!

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