5th Grade Helpful Link for Math Test Review

Click the Link below for a tutorial on subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping!


Homework Week of 1/16/2018

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Homework week of 1/15/18

Homework 1

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Homework K

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Homework week of 1/15/18

5th Grade Homework January 16-19, 2018


Ms. Raddock & Ms. Batson

5th Grade Homework Sheet

Week of January 16th à 19th 2017


Vocabulary Words: This week’s words are review words found in our read aloud George’s Secret Key to the Universe.


  1. Illusion
  2. Indignant
  3. Destructive
  4. Persisted
  5. Offended
  6. Enlightenment
  7. Inquiry
  8. Fusion
  9. Menacing
  10. Ambling


  Vocabulary Literacy Math
Monday   No School  
Tuesday Write each vocabulary word three times Read your independent book for 45 minutes.… Continue reading

5th Grade Math Test Friday, January 19, 2018

5th Grade Chapter 6 Math Test Next Friday, 1-19-18

Adding and Subtracting

Fractions and Mixed Numbers

with Unlike Denominators.

Homework K

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Homework 1st

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