Grade 8 Spanish

Classroom Vocab HW #1

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Quiz on Tuesday, November, 28


8th Grade HW List for MP 1

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Article Homework

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Frases Utiles

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Presentations Vocab

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Test Corrections Sheet

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Vocab Cards

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Adjective Practice HW


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20 Vocab Cards

20 Vocabulary words that are difficult for you to remember in the following format.  The vocabulary is also below.

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Useful Phrases Vocabulary

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New School Year

2017-2018 School Year Starts Here


Present Verb Quiz Format

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House Vocab Quiz Format

The quiz tomorrow will look like the practice sheet completed in class.  The only difference is that the last section you will have to translate all the words and then pick the one word that doesn’t make sense.

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House Vocab HW # 2



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House Vocab HW # 1

Rewrite all of the words.


Due Date:  Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4th

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