Spanish 702

Time Questions HW

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12/24 Hour HW

Convert all times and then write out ALL the times out in Spanish.

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24 Hour Time HW

12 Hour Clock HW

thumbnail of Time Hands Time of Day Make sure to not only write the numbers, but also write the times out in words in Spanish thumbnail of Time No Hands 2 time of day Make sure to not only draw the hands on the clock, but also write out the times in words in Spanish

Numbers Practice HW

  1.  Complete math problems sheet from class.          thumbnail of Math Number Practice
  2. Complete practice on the back of the notes sheet.thumbnail of Numbers Notes
  3. Complete Spanish word problem.    

20 Vocab. Boxes

20 Vocabulary words from the classroom vocab list that are difficult for you to remember in the following format.  The vocabulary is also below.

thumbnail of Vocab HW Sheetthumbnail of Vocab HW Format


Back Page Foldable of Classroom Vocab.

Create a foldable for the back page of the classroom vocab.

Ser/Adjective Practice Sheet Answers

Test Date Change

Subject Pronoun, Ser, Adjective Test Moved to Tuesday, December 5th.


Adj. Vocab HW #2

Foldable for Columns 2 and 3

thumbnail of Adjective Guided Notes – Copy.2