Spanish 701

—— 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR ABOVE——

20 Emotions Vocab. Boxes

Create 20 Vocab. Boxes with your Emotions Vocab.



thumbnail of Vocab HW Sheet

Corazon Sin Cara Song Work

Finish any song work you didn’t get to finish in class

DA Practice Homework

Follow the directions on the sheet. Then pick 5 words from the top and write sentences in Spanish and 5 words from the bottom and write sentences.

Gender of Nouns Homework

Complete the worksheet given in class and for PART A REMEMBER TO MAKE ALL WORDS PLURAL EXCEPT FOR DAYS AND MONTHS


Military Time Practice Homework

Make sure to read the directions and write out the Military times when asked.  Military time should be written out for all clocks and the last chart on the last page

Regular Time HW

Numbers Practice Packet

Finish the Practice Numbers Packet given in class today.  IT IS DUE FRIDAY!!!

Finish Classwork

Complete the two worksheets handed out in class.

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