Grade 8 Spanish

20 Boxes of Hobbies Vocabulary

thumbnail of Vocab HW Sheet

Foldable: Back Page of Hobbies Vocab.

Hobbies Vocab. Foldable

Create a foldable for the Front Page of the Vocabulary thumbnail of Hobbies Vocab NEW

Tener Meme HW

thumbnail of Meme Homework

Tener Expressions Foldable

thumbnail of Expressions with tener

20 Vocab. Boxes with Tener Expressions

Create 20 Vocab. Boxes with the tener expressions.


thumbnail of Vocab HW Sheet

Tener Descriptions Foldable

Create a foldable for the tener descriptions vocabulary

thumbnail of Physical Description Notes

Manuela Project

Manuela mi Abuela Project due TUESDAY, November 13th!

thumbnail of Poem Task Sheet Non

Emotions Vocab HW

Finish defining emotions vocab. on review notes

Possessive Adjectives, Tener and Articles HW

On the back of today’s notes, complete the 8 practice sentences on the back

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