Grade 8 Spanish

Body Parts Foldable HW

Complete a foldable for just the Body Parts Section of the vocabulary.

Food Vocab. Foldable

Please complete a foldable for the FOOD SECTION ONLY!!

Your quiz will be on TUESDAY, MARCH 5th!

Irregular Yo Verb Packet

Complete Packet Given in Class. IT IS DUE TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13th!!!

Part 3 Practice for Test

thumbnail of PP and IR Athumbnail of 1-16-19 234 PM Office Lens

Present Progressive Practice HW

thumbnail of SpanishPresentProgressive thumbnail of PP Worksheet thumbnail of PP Worksheet 2

IR A Homework

Finish the Simple Future Practice Sheet given in class.



801 It is DUE FRIDAY!


thumbnail of IR A Homework

Finish Gustar Packet

thumbnail of Gustar Sing. Practice

20 Boxes of Hobbies Vocabulary

thumbnail of Vocab HW Sheet

Foldable: Back Page of Hobbies Vocab.

Hobbies Vocab. Foldable

Create a foldable for the Front Page of the Vocabulary thumbnail of Hobbies Vocab NEW

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