603 Spanish


Bring your PS/IS 78Q planners to class on Monday and every day after that. We will be using these in class.

Bring a 22 x 28 poster board to class on Monday. We will be working on our in-class Spanish project next week!

**Look up the answer to question 7 from our in-class assignment: “What is the difference between Latino and Hispanic?”**


Come up with a list of 10 famous Hispanics who have contributed something to the world (they can be anyone from a scientist to an athlete, etc) and be sure to include what it is they contributed. Also, don’t forget to include your sources (where did you get your information from?) for each person you list.


Bring in all of your supplies for Spanish class -> binder only for Spanish class; looseleaf paper; dividers; folder; pencils/pens; printer paper.

Bring in your signed contracts as well as the parent/guardian contact information sheets given in class earlier this week. This homework assignment was due on September 18th.


Bring your papers home given in class today, read them over with your parent(s)/guardian(s), and bring them back filled out and signed by Wednesday September 18th.

—— 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR ABOVE——

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