8th Grade Social Studies

Kahoot Review Link

Use this link to review for the M.A.I.N. quiz:

Make sure you know the definition for each word and how it lead/contributed to WWI.
Also, know about the assassination of Archduke Franz and the start of WWI (who declared war?)


802- Moved to Wednesday 3/22
801- Friday 3/34

Make sure to look over the M.A.I.N packet, and know the definitions for each word. Also, know how each idea contributed to WWI.

802 Extra Credit (5 points)- due Fri. 3/24

Read the passage and answer the following question using specific text evidence to support you argument. Make sure to analyze the quote you select, and its connections to President Wilson view on WWI.
Question: “Does President Wilson make an accurate and compelling case for war?”

Look over the rubric that is attached to maximize the amount of points you can earn.

Unit 4 Extra Credit

801- Group Presentation on Monday!

Vocabulary Quiz

801: Wednesday
802: Friday


1. Manifest Destiny
2. Imperialism
3. Annex
4. Foreign policy
5. Diplomacy
6. Sensationalism
7. Yellow Journalism

802 HW due 2/15

Answer the following questions based on today’s discussion:

1. What was the significance of the Panama Canal?
2. Why was it important to build a canal on the Panamanian isthmus?

(1-2 sentences each)

801- HW due 2-14

Answer the following questions using the handout from class.

– Have any facts been heightened or distorted?
– What is the intended effect on the reader? Why?
– Is a plot or enemy suggested?
– Are exaggerated headlines used?
– Why does the article say “Washington officials ready for vigorous action if Spanish responsibility can be shown”? What can be inferred?

Homework due 2-3-17

Based on the perspectives analyzed in class, answer the following question:

Was the idea of Manifest Destiny beneficial or harmful?

(One paragraph, using evidence from the chart.)

HW due 2-1-17

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

– List two positive and two negative effects of Manifest Destiny and westward expansion. (Two for each)

– What groups of people were affected by westward expansion, and how did their lives change as a result of Manifest Destiny?

Group Projects due tomorrow!