8th Grade Social Studies

Homework due 11.22

Complete page 173. Read the documents from pages 174-175.

Use the following resources to prepare for tomorrow’s Socratic Seminar

Blooms Taxonomy Guide to Writing Questions

Complete the worksheet for Thursday’s Socratic Seminar

Homework for 11/6

Next week we will have a Socratic Seminar discussing the following issue:

Is Refusing to Stand for the National Anthem an Appropriate Form of Protest?

Based on the reading, pick one side that you will argue. Identify and paraphrase the three main arguments for the side you selected.


The Socratic Seminar will count as a quiz grade for the 2nd marking period!

Question Stems

Blooms Taxonomy Guide to Writing Questions

HW due 11/1

To what extent did the experiences of one of the four immigrants live up to their expectations and dreams? Explain using text evidence from the passage you read. Reflect on what you learned from Victoria’s story at the Tenement Museum.

HW due tomorrow 10.26

Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences.

How did the development of technology lead to economic growth of the American people?

How do patents help promote innovation?

802 ONLY: Please also answer the following questions based on the chart on pg. 108
– Who came to the United States during the first major wave of immigration (1840–1890)? Based on information in the graph, which events pushed people or made people want to leave their own countries? Why?

– Who came… Continue reading

Reading Closely in Social Studies


Frayer Model

Reconstruction Essay Rubric

Final published piece due Thursday, October 19, 2017