8th Grade Social Studies

No homework! Enjoy the weekend!

Finish page 58 from classwork

Socratic Seminar Thursday 5/24! Come prepared with your outline questions and documents (60% of final average)

Unit 4 Projects due tomorrow! -10 points if late

Homework due 5/4

Finish workbook page from class on the propaganda sets.

Homework due Friday 4/27

Pick two questions to answer from the following. If you choose to answer more that two, you can earn a check ++.

1. How did Winston Churchill feel about Germany’s aggression? Why would he think this way?

2. How did FDR feel about the events occurring in Europe? Why would he feel this way?

3. Why did Hitler want to invade Poland? What reasons did he claim?

4. How did Joseph Stalin envision Russia’s role in the war?

Unit 4 Project due May 10th (60% of 4th MP average)

Unit 4 PBA Assignment

Unit 4 PBA Exhibit Rubric

Homework due tomorrow Thursday 4/19

April 18 Homework

pg. 156 due Wednesday

Make sure to explain the reasons each program fall under recovery, relief or reform.

pg. 141 due Friday