801 Social Studies

HW # 10 due 4/30

Based on the diary entries and our discussion in yesterday’s class, write one paragraph describing how life was disrupted for interned Japanese Americans.

Use specific details from the text to support your ideas.


However, if you are missing any homework assignments, take this opportunity to make up any missing work.

HW #9

Annotate 2 documents from page 35-39. Complete page 44

HW #8

Annotate pg. 24-25. Page 26 ONLY Step 1

HW #5-7

These are the assignments that were due this week while Homeconnect was down:

#5: pg 4-5
#6: pg. 6
#7: pg. 16-18

Test Corrections due Friday! Make sure to bring in your test! Look at older posts for correction format

No Homework Today or Tomorrow!

Test Friday 3/29- Study!

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Unit 4 Test Review

Unit 4 Test Review

HW #4 pg. 141

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