801 Social Studies

HW #2 due 9/21

One paragraph, using details from today’s documents: “Could the Civil War have been avoided?”

Use the document that was assigned to you in class.

Also, make sure to complete the classwork from today (will be counted as part of HW)

802- HW #1 Vocabulary

From the vocabulary bank on page 4, pick 10 words you do not know the meaning of.

Create a Frayer model for each word in your vocabulary section.

***This model has a “sentence” corner instead of “examples” corner, continue to create an example for each word. If it is easier to create a sentence using the vocabulary word, that is fine. ***

Supplies for Social Studies:
3-subject spiral notebook
1 Folder

Please have school supplies for class by Wednesday, 9/12/18

New School Year

2018-2019 School Year Starts Here

No homework! Enjoy the weekend!

Finish page 58 from classwork

Socratic Seminar Thursday 5/24! Come prepared with your outline questions and documents (60% of final average)

Unit 4 Projects due tomorrow! -10 points if late

Homework due 5/4

Finish workbook page from class on the propaganda sets.

Homework due Friday 4/27

Pick two questions to answer from the following. If you choose to answer more that two, you can earn a check ++.

1. How did Winston Churchill feel about Germany’s aggression? Why would he think this way?

2. How did FDR feel about the events occurring in Europe? Why would he feel this way?

3. Why did Hitler want to invade Poland? What reasons did he claim?

4. How did Joseph Stalin envision Russia’s role in the war?