801 Social Studies

Immigration Quiz Friday 11/16- Review Sheet

Immigration Unit Review Sheet

HW #1 pg. 173-175

HW #13

Based on our discussion and examination to the Chinese Exclusion Act, answer the following questions.

What did you find most surprising about the act?

Was Congress justified in passing this Act? Why or why not?

HW #12

1. Annotate the article you read.
2. Complete pg. 114

pg. 111 & 112

Pick one map to complete based on the directions on 110.
For extra points complete both maps.

HW #10 (801) #11(802)

801 only: Finish page 107 on the inventor you were assigned

Both: Answer the guiding questions underneath the patent you were assigned in class.

HW #9 (801) HW #10 (802)

page 73-75

HW #8

Finish answering the questions to the document (A or B) you were assigned on page 70 & 71.

Reconstruction Essay Due!

801- Monday 10/15
802- Tuesday 10/16

Reconstruction Essay due Monday!

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