702 Social Studies

Finish your draft for Monday 4/29 (-5 if you don’t have your draft)

HW for Tuesday 4/16

Your outline should be completed at this point. Please have your outline completed for Tuesday if you did not do so for homework. You may begin typing or writing your first draft. You DO NOT have to have your first draft completed, but you should have paragraphs 1-2 written by Tuesday.

*Make sure to bring a USB if you wish to type your work.*

No Homework Today or Tomorrow!

3/26- Finish today’s classwork if you did not hand in your work today

HW #2

Finish summarizing the Bill of Rights and write a summary of which amendment is the most important.

Quiz Tuesday 3/19 on Articles of Confederation/Shared Powers

What I need to study:
1. The 5 Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederations (You need to know each one! This quiz is all writing, no MC or fill-ins).
2. At least 2 state, federal and shared powers (use your workbook to study).

The 5 Major Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

1. Each state had 1 vote no matter the size of the population or land size
2. No executive (leader) or judicial (court) branch to enforce laws
3.… Continue reading

HW #1 pg. 28 due Thursday


HW #7 due 2/28

Answer the following questions in 1 paragraph:

  1. Why does Jefferson believe a little rebellion is good for the country?
  2. Why was Washington so embarrassed?
  3. Do you agree with Washington or Jefferson’s beliefs about Shays’ rebellion?


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Test Thursday 2/14! STUDY!

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