702 Social Studies

7th grade HW

Valley Forge Writing Activity

7th grade HW

701/702: Answer the last question on the Boston Tea Party packet (last page)

702: Create a pro/con list for each philosopher.

702: Due Monday
701: Due Tuesday

7th grade HW

Directions: In 2-3 paragraphs, answer the following questions based on the research conducted on the American Revolution leader you selected.

Responses must be in a paragraph form!

1. What role did this individual have in the American Revolution?
2. What career background did this individual have before the war?
3. How did this individual demonstrate leadership in the American Revolution?
4. What qualities made them an effective leader?
5. How did this individual contribute to the country after the war?… Continue reading

702 HW due 2/28

Complete Task 1 & 2 of the worksheet.

Do not cut out the image!

Homework due 2-2-17

Complete the packet for tomorrow.

Proclamation Line Map

7th grade HW- Assigned 1-26-17

Answer the following question in one paragraph.

– How did different people perceive the events of the Boston Massacre?
– What do you think accounts for these differences?

Complete the graphic organizer of your DBQ packet- due 1/12

7th Grade HW due 1/5

In one paragraph explain why colonist would be upset with Great Britain after the French and Indian War. Use the worksheet from today’s class to support your answers.

Study for your Northeast Map Quiz on Thursday!

Essay Revisions due Monday 12/19

Make sure to attach both drafts with your new published piece.