702 Social Studies

Essay due 10/10

Please make sure to bring your guided outline, published piece and rubric (with your name on everything) on Thursday.

You should use your guided outline to write your essay.


There will be a quiz and notebook check on 10/17.

You will be given the review sheet and notebook rubric on Thursday.

HW #6 Write 5 Higher Order Thinking Questions for Friday

HW #5 Complete the outline for Thursday

First American migration outline page

HW # 4 Finish annotating the two articles & complete the chart on the last page

Due 9/23

HW #3 Primary Source Worksheet

702: 9/19
701: 9/18

HW #2 Apply What You Know Worksheet

702: due 9/16
701: due 9/17

HW #1 Get Parent/Guardian Contact Form Filled Out

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Review Sheet

Review Sheet

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