702 Social Studies

No homework! Enjoy the weekend!

Complete page 97 based on the document that was assigned to your group- Due 5/22

pg. 61 due Thursday 5/10

Washington’s Farewell Address is on page 59-60 in your workbook.

Find the evidence that supports Washington’s point of view for each topic.

Homework due 5/4

Make a prediction:
Do you think Alexander Hamilton’s Bank of the United States will succeed?Why or why not?
Argue and explain your answer using relevant details from today’s lesson and your knowledge of Social Studies.
2-3 Paragraphs

702: Also finish questions 5 & 6 from the packet.

Kahoot Review- STUDY! Test on Monday


Review Sheet- Test Monday 4/30

Review sheet AoC- government

Review Sheet

701: due Thursday
702: due Friday

Essay due Monday 4/23

Final draft of speech due Monday 4/23

Bring draft and USB (if typing) to class tomorrow- we will continue editing