701 Social Studies

No homework for 7th grade! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Essay due Thursday!


Make sure to write 3 higher order thinking questions underneath your essay for Thursday’s socratic seminar.

Finish the First Human Migration outline for Tuesday 10/9

QUIZ #1 Thursday 10/4

Study the summary worksheet given in class and the vocabulary terms.

3 Theories of early human migration
Life style of early humans

HW #6 Essay Outline due 10/2

Please complete ONLY the Introduction and 3 body paragraphs.

If you are able, you may print this out at home and fill in each section or you may answer the questions in the homework section of your notebook. Either is fine.

First American migration outline page

HW #5 Finish First American Writing Outline (ONLY #1-4)

HW #4 Finish Annotating Articles 2 & 3 for 9/25

HW #3 due Monday

Respond to one of the following prompts:

– I can determine that the regions were different and affected the Native American way of life because…

– I can infer that the first peoples of North America were knowledgeable and skillful because…

HW #2 due 9/20

Complete the Resources and Artifacts Analysis of the letter you were assigned in class. Use the text excerpts on page 22 & 23.

HW #1 due 9/18

Complete page 15 (only text & image section)

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