701 Social Studies

Essay due Monday 4/23

Final draft of speech due Monday 4/23

Bring draft and USB (if typing) to class tomorrow- we will continue editing

Finish the rough draft of your essay for Monday (-10 points if you don’t have it) Make sure to print at home if needed

You can type or handwrite the draft, depending on your preference. Be sure to have any typed work printed before coming to class.

Complete the intro and body paragraphs 1 & 2 for tomorrow (From the template)

Homework due 4/9

Over the break continue to research on your topics and bring to class information gathered or article links. You will need this for Monday’s class.

Inauguration Outline


Shays’ Rebellion Worksheet due Thursday! Last day for any missing homework is Monday 3/5!


1. Answer the questions in your handout (on page 2 & 4) Due Thursday!
2. Study for your quiz on Thursday – 5 Major Weaknesses of the AoC

Quiz Thursday on the Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

The 5 Major Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

1. Each state had 1 vote no matter the size of the population or land size
2. No executive (leader) or judicial (court) branch to enforce laws
3. Each state had different currency (money)
4. Congress could not enforce taxes or regulate trade
5. Weak national (or central) government