701 Social Studies

Field Trip Money and Permission Slip Form due Thursday!

Study for the N.E. Quiz on Thursday!

Question Stems

Blooms Taxonomy Guide to Writing Questions

Complete the Exit Slip on page 27 from today’s Gallery Walk Notes

Due Tomorrow 10/17

REMINDER: Field Trip Money and Permission Slip due 10/20!

Please bring in permission slip form and trip money!

Finish your assigned slide for group project- Presentations due Monday!

We will talk about your map quizzes on Monday!

Updated 10/13/17- Map Quiz Schedule

Updated on 10/13/17- The quiz date for the Southwest/Hawaii/Alaska region has been chnaged to 11/10. We will be on a trip on 11/3.

Map Quiz schedule

Continue working on your class project at home!

Upcoming Events/Reminders

Notebook check #2- Tuesday 10/10/17

Complete research for assigned native group by 10/10/17 (pg. 25 and 26 should be completed) Keep track of your sources!

Field trip- November 3, 2017
Please bring in exact amount (if possible), and signed forms by 10/20/17