701 Social Studies

HW #5

Use your outline to create your draft. Due Thursday

HW #4 Outline

Finish the introduction and body paragraph #1 of the outline.

HW #3 Finish document questions from class

You do have to answer each question for all 6 documents.

Essay due: 12/17/18
Assigned: 12/6/18

Colonial Advertisement Project

Due: 12/3/18
+5: 11/29/18

HW #1 due Tuesday 11/13

In your opinion, which Director-
General was the best leader of the New 
Amsterdam colony, and why do you think he 
was better than the others?

HW #8

1. Finish classwork
2. Read pg. 81(annotate) and complete pg. 82

HW #7 pg. 41

Get assessments signed by parents

No homework for 7th grade! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Essay due Thursday!


Make sure to write 3 higher order thinking questions underneath your essay for Thursday’s socratic seminar.

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