701 Social Studies


1. Answer the questions in your handout (on page 2 & 4) Due Thursday!
2. Study for your quiz on Thursday – 5 Major Weaknesses of the AoC

Quiz Thursday on the Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

The 5 Major Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

1. Each state had 1 vote no matter the size of the population or land size
2. No executive (leader) or judicial (court) branch to enforce laws
3. Each state had different currency (money)
4. Congress could not enforce taxes or regulate trade
5. Weak national (or central) government

Complete worksheet on Articles of Confederation for Monday

2.6.18 HW

Complete leader silhouette for Friday (worth 2 HWs)

Kahoot for review. Test Monday! Make sure to study!


Review sheet due Thursday

Finish classwork for HW

American Revolution test next Monday 2/5; Review Sheet due Thursday

American Revolution review sheet


Did the Patriots win the battle of Trenton because of luck, determination, good leadership and tactics or poor British/Hessian leadership? Explain using details from your notes and our class discussion.

702- Due Friday 1/26
701- Due Monday 1/29

George Washington Short Journal Prompt due Monday. Will count for 5 HW grades