6th Grade Social Studies

Travel Article Writing Rubric

Travel Writing Article Planner

Homework due 9/25

Complete the following assignments from your workbook.

1. Annotating text pages 8-12
2. Sensory Imagery page 13

-Quiz #1 Monday, 10/2
-Notebook check 9/28: Make sure you have the heading, Aim, and COMPLETED Do Now for each day.

No HW today!

Make sure the following is in your notes.

Five Themes of Geography

1. Movement: How do people and ideas travel? (example: people moving their location because of a job)

2. Human-Environmental Interaction: How do people use, adapt to, or change their environment around them?

3. Region: How are places in the world divided into areas? What specific characteristics does it have? (example: culture, language, and traditions)

4. Location: Where is it?

5. Place: What is it like? (example: landscape, climate and people)

9/15- No HW today!

6th grade HW due 9/15

In one paragraph answer the following question:
“Does geography help or hinder the development of a location?”

Open School Week 2015

Next week is OPEN SCHOOL WEEK. During this week you will have the opportunity to visit
your child’s classroom and see him/her at work. We hope that by your visit you will gain a
better understanding of your child’s school program.

We look forward to making OPEN SCHOOL WEEK at P.S./I.S. 78Q a positive experience for
students, parents and teachers.

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