6th Grade Social Studies

6th grade HW

602: Due Monday, May 8
601: Due Thursday, May 11
1. Complete Document 2- China: A History

2. Respond to the following prompts in one to two paragraphs each with the use of supporting evidence from at least one of the sources. Use the Venn Diagram and your notes to help organize your ideas.
– What was Emperor Qin Shihuangdi’s main reason/s for creating the terracotta soldier army?
– What does this enormous building project indicate about the… Continue reading

Quiz Moved to Friday 3/24- 601 & 602

Quiz Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.

Review sheet due Thursday 3/23! Write answers either in notebook or index cards. Use any strategy that will help you best study, but make sure to record your answers.

The review sheet will be given out on Monday in class. If you want to start studying early the review sheet is attached below.

Quiz Review Sheet

601 Homework due 3/16

Complete the anticipation guide. Read the passage on Buddhism and write gist notes on the side. Answer the critical thinking questions in your notebooks.

Quiz next Friday 3/17 on Hinduism & Buddhism. Review sheet will be given out on Monday! Study the vocabulary words in your notes and the caste system.

Unit 2 Assessment

Please click on the following links for more information about the Unit 2 Assessment.

601: 3/9/17
602: 3/6/17

Unit 2 Assessment

Unit 2 Assessment Rubric

Test Next Week!

601: Thursday, 3/9
602: Monday, 3/6

More details will be given this Thursday.

Make sure to have your document packet completed!

6th grade HW due 2-9

Answer the question on the bottom part of the “I see, I think, I wonder chart”.

Responses should be approximately 5-7 sentences in length (one paragraph).

Projects due next week!
Due Date: Thursday, Feb. 16

(5 points will be deducted for each late day!)

Homework for week of 1-30-17

Complete the worksheet given to you in class, based on the river you were assigned.
Characteristics of Civilizations

601: Will be assigned on 2-2-17, due 2-3-17
602: due 2-2-17

6th Grade Project- Marking Period 3

Please see attached worksheet for details.
Early Ancient Civilization Project

Ancient Civilization Project Rubric

Assigned: 1-26-17 (601)
1-27-17 (602)

Due: 2-16-17

I must know your topic by Monday 1-30-17!

602 Field Trip Notice

Please bring in signed permission field trip form and entrance fee if you have not done so.

We still have room for chaperones, please email me if you would like to volunteer or send a note with your child!

601 Projects due 12/23!