603 Social Studies

HW #3 Vocab words

Write a sentence with each vocabulary word.

check ++ pick one word and create a frayer model

HW #3

1. Nile Geography worksheet
2. Gift of Nile worksheet

HW #2

Pick 5 words and create a FRAYER model for each word on the index cards provided in class.

1. Nile River-world’s longest river that allowed Egypt to thrive
2. Upper Egypt- southern region of Egypt
3. Lower Egypt- northern region of Egypt
4. Cataracts- water rapids
5. Delta- a triangle-shaped area of land made from soil deposited by a river
6. Pharaoh-rule of Egypt, means “great house”
7. Dynasty- series of rulers from the same family

HW #1 Hammurabi’s Code worksheet

Only one paragraph.

Quiz tomorrow!! Study!

Kahoot Link:

Quiz on the G.R.A.P.E.S of Ancient Mesopotamia

601/602: 2/13
603: 2/12

Use the G.R.A.P.E.S handout to help you study.

Ancient Civilization STEM Project

Rubric: Ancient Civilization STEM project rubric

Due Dates
603- 2/24
602- 2/25
601- 2/26

You may work with up to 2 people in your class for this project. Do not make any changes in group members or project challenges without consulting with me first. As we discussed in class, you are not required to use the exact materials listed on your packet. Be creative and use anything you may have already or other alternatives that are easier to find. DO… Continue reading

HW #3

Write sentences for each vocabulary word in your vocabulary section. Each sentence must relate to Mesopotamia or another ancient civilization.

Division of labor

HW #2

Pick either page 171 OR 172 to complete.

Check ++ if you complete both.

HW #1 pg. 127

Fill out the characteristics and reflections.

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