603 Social Studies


HW #8 Finish the last question on pg. 121

#7 Complete the vocabulary choice board

1. prehistory
2. ancestor
3. hominid
4. domestication
5. hunter-gatherer
6. agriculture
7. Neolithic
8. Paleolithic
9. civilization
10. revolution
11. society
12. tool
13. technology


HW #6 Vocabulary Worksheet

Here are the vocabulary words from today, in case you did not get a chance to finish copying them down in your vocabulary section:

Neolithic Era- New Stone Age
Domestication- the process of changing plants or animals to make them more useful to humans
Agriculture- farming
Prehistory- the period of time before written records

Worksheet (Use your vocabulary section from this unit to help your form your sentence. Eliminate #4 and Megalithic from #5, however you can search them up… Continue reading

HW #5 Packet due Monday 11/25

HW #4 pg.115

HW #3 Cave painting worksheet

HW #2

Write a one paragraph response explaining whether you you think Lucy should go on a world tour. You must include a claim, reason and evidence from the Lucy article.

HW #1 (New Marking Period) pg. 96; use Lucy image on pg. 94

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