602 Social Studies

Alexander the Great Essay

601: due Monday 6/10
602: due Friday 6/7

Finish intro for HW 5/24

Unit 4 Lesson 12 Alexander Essay Structure Guidance

pg. 94-98

HW #7-11

#7: pg. 34
#8: pg. 61-63
#9: pg. 76
#10: pg. 81
#11: pg. 84-86

HW for 5/13 pg. 76

Kahoot for Quiz tomorrow


Quiz on Ancient China Thursday 5/9

There will be a short quiz on Ancient China this Thursday, May 9th. The quiz will have about 10-15 questions.
Complete the review sheet below and bring to class on review day.

Review Day
601: Wednesday
602: Tuesday

Ancient China Quiz Review

HW – Due: Monday, May 6

Directions: Respond to the following prompts in two to three paragraphs with the use of supporting evidence from at least one of the sources. Use the Venn Diagram and your notes to help organize your ideas.

– What was Emperor Qin Shihuangdi’s main reason/s for creating the terracotta soldier army?
– What does this enormous building project indicate about the Qin dynasty, the emperor, or the presence of a Golden Age? Cite specific textual evidence to support your claim.… Continue reading


However, if you are missing any homework assignments, take this opportunity to make up any missing work.

HW #7

pg. 34 if you did not finish in class

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