602 Social Studies

Redo Monday’s homework if you did not properly complete the assignment for Thursday

Homework due Monday 4/16!

1. Directions: Respond to the following prompts in two to three paragraphs with the use of supporting evidence from at least one of the sources. Use the Venn Diagram and your notes to help organize your ideas.
– What was Emperor Qin Shihuangdi’s main reason/s for creating the terracotta soldier army?
– What does this enormous building project indicate about the Qin dynasty, the emperor, or the presence of a Golden Age? Cite specific textual evidence to support your… Continue reading

Complete Venn Diagram from today’s class

Tuesday- 602
Friday- 601

No homework for the break! Enjoy your week :)

Test on Ancient Egypt Monday! Practice Kahoot & Study Review Sheet


Review Sheet

Ancient Egypt Review Sheet

Ancient Egypt Test Next Monday 3/5

Final Draft of RAFT Assignment due Monday 2/26

Projects due tomorrow!! 2/9/18

Please make sure to have attached the packet related to your challenge and the rubric with your project. If you are working with a partner, EACH PERSON must have their own packet completed.

**MAKE SURE TO WRITE ON EACH PAGE YOUR NAME, DATE (2/9/18) AND CLASS** (I will deduct 5 points if you do not have your name on your project! Make sure your name is visible on your project.)

Finish draft for RAFT assignment for next class