602 Social Studies

Projects due this Thursday 2/14

Please see attached rubric below:

Test corrections due tomorrow!

Please get your Ancient Egypt test signed.

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HW#2 Ancient Egypt Review Sheet due 1/18

Ancient Egypt Review Sheet

TEST 1/24

Review date:
602- 1/22
601- 1/23

HW #1

Write a sentence with each word (5 total).

1. Hieroglyphics- Egyptian writing system
2. Papyrus- long lasting, paper like material made from reeds
3. Rosetta Stone- a huge, stone slab inscribed with hieroglyphics
4. Sphinxes- imaginary creatures with the bodies of lions and the heads of other animals or humans
5. Obelisk- a tall, four sided pillar that is pointed on top

Test on Ancient Egypt 1/24/19

Makeup any missing homework! Last day to hand in any missing work Friday 12/21

HW #8 pg. 123 & get quiz signed

Finish creating the 5 research questions from class based on the river you were assigned.

Only create the questions, do not complete the rest of the worksheet.

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