602 Social Studies

Ancient Civilization STEM Project due 2/1/18

Look at your individual challenge assignment from the packet you received in class.

*Note: As we discussed, you do not have to use the exact materials mentioned, these are just suggestions. Use any alternatives that you may have already or are easy to find.

Remember you only pick ONE challenge from the two challenge options.


Kahoot review for test Thursday


Finish your review sheet for Tuesday. 5 points will be deducted if you do not have it completed

Test 1/18 Review sheet will be distributed tomorrow

Answer the following question in 1 paragraph using details from today’s lesson. “Why did civilizations form around river valleys?”

Finish your map from today’s class.

Quiz Monday!

You must know the 7 continents and the 5 bodies of oceans. You will need to know where they are located and how to spell each one.

Homework Assigned 12/12/17 (602) & 12/13/17 (601)

Pick one vocabulary word and complete the Frayer model card which was given to you in class.


1. Tigris & Euphrates Rivers
2. Hammurabi’s Code of Laws
3. Fertile Crescent
4. Cuneiform
5. Ziggurats

Worksheet on the continents and oceans. QUIZ 12/18

Homework assigned 12.4.17

1. Make an inference- For what reasons would people want to settle in the Mesopotamian region? Use your notes from today to help formulate your response (2-3 sentences).

2. Create 2 (two) higher-order thinking questions that can be used to learn more about Ancient Mesopotamia. Use the Bloom’s Taxonomy question stems to help create questions.

602- 12.5