602 Social Studies

No homework! Enjoy the weekend!

Final essay due tomorrow 5/24! (-10 points if late)

Finish the counterargument and conclusion of your outline. Final essay due Thursday 5/24 (60% of final average)

Outline due Tomorrow 5/18

601- Finish body paragraph 2
602- Finish introduction paragraph

Unit 4 Lesson 12 Alexander Essay Structure Guidance

Classwork and Homework for 5/15

Read page 112 Ancient Roman Art and Architecture
Answer the guiding questions on page 113-115

Finish classwork for homework due 5/17

Finish the Socratic Seminar Outline if you did not finish completing the worksheet during class

The socratic seminar will count for 1 test grade (60% of your final average! Make sure you are prepared).

Please make any changes if you were told to correct or modify your questions. Use the Bloom’s taxonomy handout to help create your questions.

Homework due Thursday 5/10 *Read the directions carefully!*

Unit 4 Lesson 12 Alexander the Great Socratic Outline

Homework due Friday 5/4

Finish annotating the article you chose about Alexander the Great. Fill out the graphic organizer on page 98 for the section you read.

Homework due Monday pg. 84-86

Homework due Friday 4/27

Unit 4 Lesson 11 Extension Activity