601 Social Studies


There will be a quiz and notebook check on 10/18/19.

You will be given the review sheet and notebook rubric later this week.

REMINDER! PROJECTS DUE THIS THURSDAY 10/10 (-5 each day it is late)

Please write your FULL NAME, class, & due date on the FRONT side of your project.

HW #5 pg. 8-10 Annotate & answer the questions (BRING WORKBOOKS BACK TO SCHOOL)

HW #4

Pick an interesting story that happened to you this summer. Write a primary account (you were there when it happened) of that event. Then, find out a story from a friend or family member of something that did not happen to you, or retell a historical event. Write a secondary account (you were not there when it happened) about that event. Write your stories on a separate sheet of paper.
Primary account (5-7 sentence minimum)
Secondary Account (5-7 sentence minimum)


Assigned: 9/19/19
Due: 10/10/19
+5: 10/3/19

HW #3 Planning Page

603: 9/23
601/602: 9/20

*601/602 we will go over the project assignment on Thursday.*

HW #2 Primary/Secondary Worksheet

Complete station 1
603: 9/18
602: 9/19
601: 9/19

HW #1 Get Parent/Guardian Contact Form Filled Out

—— 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR ABOVE——

Alexander the Great Essay

601: due Monday 6/10
602: due Friday 6/7

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