601 Social Studies

HW #8 pg. 123 & get quiz signed

Finish creating the 5 research questions from class based on the river you were assigned.

Only create the questions, do not complete the rest of the worksheet.

HW #7 due 12/10

Why did civilizations form around river valleys? One paragraph use details from today’s lesson.

HW #6

1. On the world map label and color each continent and major oceans.
a. Make sure to use a different color for each continent.
2. Label the Equator and Prime Meridian.
3. Create a legend for the map.

Continent & Oceans quiz: 12/13

Continents & Oceans quiz 12/13/18

Mid-Unit Assessment 12/6



Effects of the Neolithic Revolution

Vocabulary Quiz

601: 11/28
602: 11/29

1. hominid: early ancestors of humans
2. domestication: the process of taming an animal
3. hunter-gatherer: people that hunt and gather their food instead of farming
4. agriculture: farming
5. Neolithic: New Stone Age
6. silt: dirt that is moved by flowing water
7. irrigation: a manmade system used to bring water to crops
8. Paleolithic: Old Stone Age
9. civilization: a society with advanced technology and organization
10. revolution: a change that affects society
11.… Continue reading

HW #4 Neolithic Worksheet due 11/26

HW #3 Field Trip Response

Field Trip Prompt

601- 11/21
602- 11/20

HW #2 Neolithic Worksheet due 11/20

HW #1 Vocabulary

Vocabulary Words

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