601 Social Studies


Amusement maps due:
601- 10/25
602- 10/24

Final essays of travel article due 10/26! Re-write your drafts with the feedback given to you by your peer.

Final essays of Travel Articles due Thursday 10/26!

Final edited essays due 10/26! Use the feedback given to you today to make changes to your writing.

Bring Completed Draft to class tomorrow! We will be peer editing!

Finish conclusion paragraph from today’s class for tomorrow

Rubric can also be found on page 20 of the student workbook.


Amusement Park maps due:

601: 10/25
+10: 10/18

602: 10/24
+10: 10/17

Please get your quiz signed if you did not do so already. I will check on Monday.

Finish the body paragraph from class for Monday 10/16

Travel Article

Travel Writing Article Planning Sheet

Finish pg. 51-52 for 10/10

Quiz #1 Review

Know the following ideas for your quiz. All these ideas should be in your notes and vocabulary section.

1. Definition: Geography, Development, Primary Source, Secondary Source
2. 5 themes of geography
3. Countries in the Eastern Hemisphere (at least one)
4. Tools historians use to study geography of a place
5. One example of a primary source and secondary source
6. Location of Mount Everest

A primary source is something written, spoken, heard, or seen by a someone who witness… Continue reading