601 Social Studies


However, if you are missing any homework assignments, take this opportunity to make up any missing work.

HW #8

page 61- 63 if you didn’t finish in class

HW #7

pg. 34 if you did not finish in class

No Homework Today or Tomorrow!

HW #6 pg. 162-163

HW #5 due 3/28

Homework: Complete the anticipation guide. Read the passage on Buddhism and write gist notes on the side. Answer the critical thinking questions.

Page 150-151


The Socratic Seminar has been moved to Monday 3/25. On this day you will need the following material:

1. Document packet
2. Socratic Seminar question preparation sheet with the rubric attached
3. Argument worksheet

All materials should be completed by Monday, if you have missed any homework assignments.

This will count as a grade for the 4th marking period!

HW #4 Unit 2 Short Response

601: Due Friday 3/22
602: Due Monday 3/25

If you lost your copy of the questions, you will NOT be given another copy. You may print another copy from the link below or record your answers on loose-leaf if you do not have an accessible printer:

thumbnail of Unit 2 Short Response

HW #3 Argument Sheet

Unit 2 Socratic Seminar

HW #2- Finish Socratic Seminar Worksheet for Monday 3/18

Socratic Seminar

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