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All students who are unprepared with a working graphing calculator, as of tomorrow, will loose one point for classwork for each day.  Students in either homeroom will not be allowed to get their calculator if left in the backpack/classroom/etc.

Digital Polystrips – Investigation 3 Classwork

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Homework – Workbook Page 224-225 (open worksheet in a new tab to see whole document!)

Check plus – #1-5

Check – #1-4


thumbnail of Workbook Page 224-225[1]

CA4ALL MS Initiative – 7th Grade End of the Year Survey

Click this link to complete the survey.


Module 2 – Self Assessment (Due Thursday)

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Homework – 5/20 (finish classwork – to be collected on Wednesday)

Station #1 – use regular polygons to answer questions from Workbook Page 48/#A-C all parts

Station #2 – use the bike path on Workbook Page 50 to answer questions #A1-3

Station #3 – use what you know about angle sums and solving equations, to blend the two ideas on Workbook Page 51/#D1-2

thumbnail of Preview of “https—…4917EFE96F7F6C883BDE03416DC-print.html”

thumbnail of Preview of “https—…4917EFE96F7F6C883BDE03416DC-print.html”

Homework – 5/20, due tomorrow (to be collected)

complete transformation worksheetthumbnail of M3.5b mini lesson

Digital Tessellations

Partner Quiz – Wednesday

Homework – #1-4 for a check plus, and #1-3 for a check

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