Review Session – Schedule Change!

Due to the smaller class size for the video conference, both classes will meet together during the 7:00pm session.

Regents Review Sessions with Ms. Angelino – S

In anticipation for the Algebra Regents on Tuesday, June 12, PS/IS 78Q will be holding private, teacher-led, video conferencing sessions on ezTalks. Each student will have the opportunity to review prior topics, ask specific questions about past work, apply algorithms with practice questions, and review calculator applications from the comfort of their own home.

Students will be required to download the ezTalks application on a device that allows for video streaming; this would include any personal computer or laptop, as… Continue reading

Assessment Update

7-702 – no quiz on this unit.  All statistics will be assessed on a quest scheduled for Thursday, 3/29.  Review Sheet Due 3/28

thumbnail of Unit Test Review Sheet

8th Grade – Module 1 Quiz scheduled for Monday, 3/26 and will cover the following topics:

  • piecewise functions with a restricted domain
  • solving/graphing compound inequalities with interval notation
  • simplifying rational expressions
  • finding the undefined value in a rational expression
  • solving literal equations (“in terms of”)

8th Grade – Module 2 Quiz scheduled for Thursday, 3/29… Continue reading

Notes on Piecewise Functions

Piecewise Functions worksheet


Using the TI83/84 to graph piecewise functions

Just follow the step-by-step instructions.

Mock Regents – Short Answer (Due Thursday, 2/15)

thumbnail of Mock Algebra Regents June 2016 – SA

8th Grade Classwork – 1/26 (Due Thurs, 2/1)

Complete the mock regents in section #4 of your notebook.  Although the questions are multiple choice, you must show all necessary work.  Will be counted as a homework. Calculators allowed for all parts.  Make sure that DIAGNOSTICS and APPS – INEQUALITIES are on.

Rubric:   Check Plus –> all questions;   Check –> half the amount

thumbnail of Mock Regents #2


Calculating the Residuals

Watch this video first!

More notes on residuals:

How to use the calculator to find and graph residuals:

Important things to edit:

(for step #4) cross out the first part and only follow directions after you see the word OR -> (under L3, use 2nd STAT #7 instead).

(for step #5) take note that the residual graph does not use L1 and L2.  you must change L2 to L3 (or wherever you entered the residual).

Solving and Graphing Inequalities

Solving and Graphing Inequalities

Modeled Example #1


Compound Inequalities

Modeled Example #1 and #2