Algebra Practice Test

Multiplication Elimination Method – System of Equations

Algebra Homework – Choose any 3 questions (Due Tomorrow)

All work must be written in your notebook. Must include a formal check.

August 2016 Regents – Answers

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June 2016 – Answers with Explainations

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Websites for Algebra Help


April Break – Homework Due 4/19 (Wed)

Complete all parts to the regents handed out today.  All work must be shown, even for multiple choice.  If you are using the calculator as your strategy, make a memo under the question and state what it is that you entered into the calculator.  For guess/check strategy, you must show how you made your guesses.

All short answers must have all necessary work.

January 2017 Mock Regents Answers

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Rubric for short answer

Score Conversion

Histograms and Box Plots on the Graphing Calculator


Box Plots

Algebra 1 – Topics and Practice