8th Grade Algebra

NYS Math State Test Scoring Guide Tips for 2 and 3-point questions

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Make up homework and classwork – Due Monday, 4/29

All make up classwork and homework MUST be handed in the day we return from break.  Any work not completed by 4/2 will receive zero credit.

Classwork – 4/17

Rubric: Complete front and back for check plus; complete first three boxes for a check; complete one side for check minusthumbnail of Preview of “Microsoft Word – Practice_Worksheet_Scatter_Plot_and_Line_of_Best_Fit (1).docx”

Module 1 Test – Self Assessment

Based on your assessment, click the link below to complete this form:


Test Corrections – June 2017 Regents

Correct your mistakes on looseleaf to earn half credit back.  Only looseleaf corrections with appropriate work will be accepted.

Due on Monday, 4/29.  No extensions.

Causation vs. Correlaiton



Homework – 4/10

Check plus – Answer #1-8

Check – Answer any 6 questions

Check minus – answer less than 6 questions

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Module 1 Test – Monday, 4/15

Use packed for practice as there will be no review day nor a review sheet.

Homework – 4/8/2019

Packet #1, #2-3 from the board

Rubric: Check Plus = #1-3, Check = #1, #2 or #3, Check – = #1, 2, or 3.

4/1/2019 – Classwork/Homework (Due Thursday)



Check plus = #1-7, and choose #1-4 to also solve algebraically with the substitution method

Check = #1-7

Check Minus = Less than #1-7

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