802 Math

Mock Regents – Short Answers (explained)

thumbnail of part 2 answer key

801/802 – Unit Test – Wed/Thur, 2/14-15

Review sheet Due Tuesday, 2/13

Scientific Notation Practice Worksheet – CW 2/12

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Quarter 3 – Make up Homework

For all students who need to make up homework for this quarter, please see the print out hanging by the out door.  Make-ups will be due on Monday, 2/26.  Be sure to take out any workbooks necessary to complete the assignments.  Check home connect for all worksheets.

All late homework with be graded with penalty.  See the course outline for details.

For students who have completed all homework assignments on time, use this opportunity to review… Continue reading

Growing, Growing, Growing – Review Sheet (Due 2/13)

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The Laws of Exponents


Mock Regents – Short Answer (Due Thursday, 2/15)

thumbnail of Mock Algebra Regents June 2016 – SA

Exponential Growth and Decay/ Classwork – Complete #1-4. #5-7 choose 1

thumbnail of Quiz 1 – Investigation 1 to 4 Word Problems

Answers to Mock Regents (2/1)

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Conversion Chart


Homework – 1/30




Check Plus – complete the first column (12Q)

Check – Choose any 6 from the first column


If you need help with the first page, watch this video: