801 Algebra

Homework – Week of 12/8/2019

thumbnail of 9 – Week of December 8

Homework – Week of 12/1

thumbnail of 8 – Week of December 1

iReady Extension – Letter to Parents

Please be advised that your child has been given a letter to be signed, indicating the new due date to submit any missing iReady lessons, as well as how many lessons have been completed.  Sign the letter and return it with your child, for tomorrow.

Homework – 11/21

For a check, choose any 8 questions.  For a check plus, answer all 11.thumbnail of Preview of “QUADRATIC WORD PROBLEMS”

Unit Test Review Sheet Due 11/25- Linear/Quadratic Relationships (Test on 11/26)

Due Monday, 11/25.  For a check plus, complete all questions in each section.  For a check, complete half MS and half SA.

thumbnail of Review Sheet

Homework – 11/18

Complete #1-30 with appropriate work.  To view the document, please open in a new tab/window.

thumbnail of Preview of “2.6-_correctice_assignment.pdf”

Green Folders – Due Tomorrow

Weekly Warm Up #3 will be due on Tuesday, 11/19 for all classes


Algebra Regents Packet – Assignment #2 Due 12/2

Complete, with work, August 2019/#5, 8, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 20, 23, 25, 26, 27, 31


Check plus: 21 points or more, Check: 15-20 points, Check minus: below 15 points

Regents Packet #1 – Answers

thumbnail of Algebra Regents – Assignment #1 Answers

Classwork/Homework – 11/14/2019

Open this link in a new window/tab, to access your worksheet.

For a check: Complete #1-10, #15-26.

For a check Plus:  sketch a graph to show the roots, for each example.


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