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NYS Math State Test Scoring Guide Tips for 2 and 3-point questions

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Make up homework and classwork – Due Monday, 4/29

All make up classwork and homework MUST be handed in the day we return from break.  Any work not completed by 4/2 will receive zero credit.

Homework – 4/15 (due Thursday)

Complete two iReady lessons by Thursday.  In order to complete these assignments, you may need to catch up on past iReady lessons.

Rubric: (+= above an 85%, =75%-85%, + = below 75% )

Homework – 4/15/2019

Complete Warm Up Week #12 – Due Wednesday

Probability Quiz – Wed, 4/10

Study all topics and practice questions from the packet

Homework – 4/1/2019

Probability packet Page 2-3 (Due Thursday)


Check Plus = complete all parts of exercise 1-4

Check = choose any three exercises and answer all parts

Check minus = less than three exercises

Answer key for Samples and Populations Review Sheet

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Homework – 3/25

Packet Page 29-31/#1-6 for check plus.  For a check, complete #1-4 and for a check minus, complete #1-3

Review Sheet for Quest – Samples and Populations

thumbnail of Unit Test Review Sheet

Due Thursday, 3/28.

Check plus = answer all questions

Check = half short answer/half multiple choice

Check minus = less than half on each part

Homework – 3/20 (7th/8th)

For 7th grade – Complete Page 19/#107 choose any 6 for a check plus; choose any 4 for a check

Refer to this link if you are having any trouble:



For 8th Grade – complete three teacher assigned iReady lessons (Due Friday Morning)

  1. Properties of Rotations
  2. Properties of Dilations
  3. Angle Sums

Rubric:  above an 85% for a check plus; 75%-85% for a check; below 75% for check minus

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