702 Math

702 – Quarter 2 Project Due 12/22

See rubric and handout for details.

Homework – Week of 12/10/2017

thumbnail of Week of December 10

702 – Finish Classwork

  • fill in the vocabulary chart into your notebook from JIGSAW presented in class (see slides below)
  • create your own mini 4-square model


Moving Straight Ahead – New Unit

Goals and Standards

thumbnail of Goals and Standards

Newsletter – English/Spanish

thumbnail of Parent Letter – English

thumbnail of Parent Letter – Spanish

Reteach Sheets 

thumbnail of Reteach Sheets

Reteach Sheets – Answers



Homework – Week of 12/3-2017

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702 – HW for 11/28

Complete #6-14 evens on worksheet using either strategy and FACT/FICTION hand out from class


check plus – #6-14 evens and worksheet

check – one or the other

check minus – some of one

Homework Sheet – Week of 11/26/2017

thumbnail of Week of November 26

Comparing and Scaling – Unit Test Review Sheet

thumbnail of Unit Test Review Sheet

7th and 8th Homework – 11/20

702 – Page 64/#A1-2 all parts for a check plus (check minus – only one question) You must show your justification a math model or table.

801 – Front of worksheet (check plus or check minus)

802 – Graph the quadratic from class using the table. On the coordinate grid, create your own system of equations by drawing a line that shows two solutions.  Using the slope and y-intercept of your line, provide the equation. (check plus or check minus only)

Homework – Week of 11/5/2017

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