702 Math

Quarter 2 – Project Due Friday, 1/4/2019

With your partner, choose an experiment.

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Homework – Week of December 9, 2018

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Pearson Realize – Assignment Sheet

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Warm Up Week #6 – Answers (7th and 8-Algebra)



Homework – Week of 12/2

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iReady Must be Completed – Due 12/3

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Email: i-readysupport@cainc.com

Moving Straight Ahead – Unit 3 Paperwork

Goals and Standards

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Parent Newsletter

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Important Concepts

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Reteach Sheets

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Reteach Sheets (Answers)  

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Tonight’s Homework – 702 (11/26)

Complete i-ready tonight in its entirety (100%) by tomorrow.  If your device does not meet the requirements, you may need to update your software.  Please click on this link to run the system check:


Toward the end of the assessment, the questions may begin to be a little difficult.  Do not look up the answers, as the topics may be lessons we are not studying this school year and beyond grade-level. Your goal is to… Continue reading

Warm Up Week #5 (open in new tab to view both answers)

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Review Sheet – Comparing and Scaling

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