702 Math

Accentuate the Negative Review Sheet – Due Tues, 10/24

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7th and 8th Grade Homework Sheet – Week of 10/15/2017

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7th and 8th Grade Homework – Week of 10/8/2017

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7th Grade Project – Accentuate the Negative Due 10/20

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702 Classwork – Combining Integers using a Variety of Strategies

Directions.  For this activity, model each number sentence with a real-world scenario, find the answer using a number line, justify using the chip model.  For the chip model, use two different colored pens (black – positive and red – negative).

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Homework – Week of October 1

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7th Grade Vocabulary Jigsaw

7th Grade Vocabulary Sheet – 9/18 Homework

For a check, please choose one word from the front and one from the back.  Provide a definition in your own words and an example for each.

For a check plus, choose more than one word from the front and back.  Provide a definition and example for each to receive full credit.

Homework Sheet – Week of 9/17/2017

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Welcome to a New Unit 7th Grade – Accentuate the Negative

Below you will find some important information for this unit, including standards, goals, the homework assignment sheet and our newsletter.  In addition, please find some opportunities to practice our in class lessons with the Reteach Sheets (answers are provided, too).

Our Newsletter

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The Goals and Standards of our Unit

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The Homework Assignment Sheet

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Reteach Sheets – For additional practice

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Reteach Sheets – Answers

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