702 Math

702 Review Sheet

thumbnail of Unit Test – Review Sheet

Additional review practice on Pearson REALIZE

Change in tonight’s homework

Instead of workbook pages, you will be completing a math foldable with official algorithms and examples for each of the following:

  • adding integers with the same sign
  • adding integers with different signs
  • subtracting integers
  • multiplying and dividing integers


Check plus – all 4 algorithms and 4 examples

Check – all 4 algorithms, less than 4 examples

Check minus – less than 4 algorithms and/or missing examples

Integer Product Game


702 Math – Warm up #1 and #2 answers

thumbnail of 702 – warm up 1[1]


Accentuate the Negative – Quiz 2: reflection and self-assessment (Google Forms)


Quarter 1 Project – Due 10/26

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thumbnail of Unit Project – Sample

All Weekly Warm-up Activities – Due by the end of the week

Be sure to show all work!

Homework – Week of September 30, 2018

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Pearson Realize Link


All passwords are Math1234, until changed by you, if you so choose.


Accentuate the Negative: Quiz 1 – Investigation 1

Fill out this reflection/self-assessment by tomorrow.


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