702 Math

702 – Quiz on Investigation 1 – Thurs, 2/15

Quarter 3 – Make up Homework

For all students who need to make up homework for this quarter, please see the print out hanging by the out door.  Make-ups will be due on Monday, 2/26.  Be sure to take out any workbooks necessary to complete the assignments.  Check home connect for all worksheets.

All late homework with be graded with penalty.  See the course outline for details.

For students who have completed all homework assignments on time, use this opportunity to review… Continue reading

New Unit – Stretching and Shrinking

Goals and Standards

Newsletter – English

Newsletter – Spanish

Homework Assignment Sheet

thumbnail of Homework Sheet – Stretching and Shrinking

Reteach Sheets

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Reteach Sheets (answers)

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Stretching and Shrinking Online Workbook


Need Help On Our Classroom Discussion Today?

GOLDEN RULE (The Multiplication Property of Inequality)- To solve an inequality,  remember to switch the direction of the inequality whenever you multiply or divide by a negative on both sides.

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Moving Straight Ahead – Review sheet (Due 2/5)

thumbnail of Review Sheet – Moving Straight Ahead

*Please note, for #2, we have not learned how to use a graphing calculator.  Instead, explain how you would graph this on graph paper.

Homework – Week of 1/28/2018

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1/24/18 – Homework (complete evens; for check plus do all questions)

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Homework – Week of 1/14/2018

thumbnail of Week of January 14

College Awareness Day – 1/11/2018

Something to think about…

Q#1 – How much do you think it costs to go to college? (2 year vs. 4 year vs.  5+year/ staying home vs. going away vs. studying abroad)

Q#2 – Where will you get the funds to go to college?