Ms. Angelino

iReady Lessons – Due 1/31/2020

If you don’t have access to iReady, you must schedule some time to work on it during library/technology or recess/lunch.  Please see me if you have any issues.

  1. scatter plots
  2. linear models
  3. problems with linear models
  4. associations between two categorial variables

Opportunities to Earn Some Bonus Points!

Show that you understand the meaning of the words of the week in a grade-level/appropriate sentence.  With the proper heading, write your sentence on an index card and submit it anytime during the week.  Each word should be written on their own card.  Earn up to two bonus points per week!

Reminder:  For Q4, you may use as many bonus points as you want on your tests/quizzes

Classwork – 1/14/2019

  1. If you haven’t handed in your project, that was due yesterday 1/13, do so now.
  2. Finish iReady Diagnostic. The test is now unlocked.
  3. Watch this video.
  4. Then, watch this video.
  5. In your notebook, create three separate 4-square models using the following vocab words:
    • correlation
    • scatter plot
    • line of beat fit
  6. Complete this worksheet on looseleaf.
    • You must open it in a new tab to view the whole document.
    • Hand it in at the end of the period.  It… Continue reading

Revised Project Rubric – Due Monday, 1/13

thumbnail of Microsoft Word – Unit Project – Instructions.docx

Regents Packet Assignment #3 – Due 1/30

August 2019/#14, 21, 22, 33,37

June 2019/#1,2,3,5,10,11,14,17

Rubric:  /32

Check Plus: 25 points or more

Check: 19-24 points

Check Minus: less than 19 points

Regents Packet Assignment #2 – Answers

thumbnail of Algebra Regents – Assignment #2 Answers

Systems of Inequalities – Calculator Application

Click this link

Or cut and paste this url if it doesn’t work :


Homework – Week of 1/15/2020

thumbnail of 11 – Week of January 5

Systems of Inequalities Worksheet – 1/6/2020

thumbnail of Microsoft Word – Algebra C Practice Test on Systems of Inequalities (1).doc

Review Sheet – Due the day before the test!

Rubric:  Complete half MC and half SA for a check, and all questions for a check plusthumbnail of Unit Test – Review Sheet

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