Ms. Angelino

Homework – 3/9/2020

READY Book Page 66-67/#1-3; Page 84-85/#1-6; Page 94-95/#1-4

For Check Plus, do all sections.

For Check, choose two lessons.

Homework – Complete the 1st Column (for a check)

thumbnail of Scientific Notation


Complete the opening question.  Then #1-9 choose 7

thumbnail of Microsoft Word – math-g8-m7-topic-a-lesson-3-student.docx

Homework Scientific Notation

thumbnail of 5.4 Worksheet (Word Problems)

Tonight’s homework – log into on any device.

Room name: msangelino800

Be sure to enter your name to receive full credit.

Answer Question #5a-f for a check

thumbnail of Photo on 2-27-20 at 1.02 PM #2

Worksheet – Homework change due 2/26

Finish Classwork –

thumbnail of copy


All missing homework and classwork must be turned in by Thursday, 2/27.  If you are absent you must either email a photo of your work, or send it in with a friend.  No make up work extensions given for this quarter, even if you are not in school.

Homework – Week of 2/23/20

thumbnail of 15 – Week of February 23

New Unit iReady Lessons – Due 2/29

  1. Properties of integer Exponents
  2. Scientific Notation

Tongue Twister Project for Unit 3 – Due 2/25

Paper copy only.  See me if you misplaced the rubric with the project.

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