Ms. Angelino

Accentuate the Negative Review Sheet – Due Tues, 10/24

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Identifying Parts of a Quadratic


check plus: all questions

check – complete 4 graphs

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7th and 8th Grade Homework Sheet – Week of 10/15/2017

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Solving and Graphing Inequalities

Solving and Graphing Inequalities

Modeled Example #1


Compound Inequalities

Modeled Example #1 and #2


7th and 8th Grade Homework – Week of 10/8/2017

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7th Grade Project – Accentuate the Negative Due 10/20

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8th Grade Project – Say it with Symbols Due 10/25

Project Details

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702 Classwork – Combining Integers using a Variety of Strategies

Directions.  For this activity, model each number sentence with a real-world scenario, find the answer using a number line, justify using the chip model.  For the chip model, use two different colored pens (black – positive and red – negative).

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June 2017 – Mock Regents Answers

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Investigation 2 – Worksheet and Critical Thinking Activity


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Extension Activity

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