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Classwork – 12/9

For today’s classwork, Complete Lessons 26-27, and tell me what kind of solutions will each system give, just by looking at the equations.  DO NOT SOLVE THEM.  (Hint:  Use slope/y-intercept).

Then solve three systems (of your choice) graphically using any way,  You MUST select the systems that will illustrate: (1) one solution, (2) no solutions, and (3) infinite solutions.


Homework – Week of 12/8/2019

thumbnail of 9 – Week of December 8

Classwork – 12/3

Directions: Graph the following examples, using the slope and y-intercept. (Hint:  You must rewrite each equation from standard form into slope intercept form,  a.k.a. y = mx + b).  These examples were originally assigned on 11/12.

  1.      3x + y = -6
  2.      2x – 2y = -10
  3.      -x + 4y = 16
  4.      x – y = 5
  5.      -10x + 15y… Continue reading

Homework – Week of 12/1

thumbnail of 8 – Week of December 1

Homework – 11/25 (Due Monday 12/2, no classes Wednesday)

For a check, please complete  #1-3 (all parts).  For a check plus, in addition to #1-3, complete #4-7 choose 1 (complete all parts of that question).

thumbnail of Lesson 4a (worksheet)

iReady Extension – Letter to Parents

Please be advised that your child has been given a letter to be signed, indicating the new due date to submit any missing iReady lessons, as well as how many lessons have been completed.  Sign the letter and return it with your child, for tomorrow.

Homework – 11/21

In your packet, complete Lesson 4/#1b and 2b.  Then complete Lesson 6/#1, #2 choose 1 part (for a check).  For a check plus, complete Lesson 4/#1b and 2b, Lesson 6/#1-2 all parts.

Homework – 11/21

For a check, choose any 8 questions.  For a check plus, answer all 11.thumbnail of Preview of “QUADRATIC WORD PROBLEMS”

Homework – 11/19

Complete Lesson #5 in the packet

Rubric:  Check Plus – with appropriate work, answer a, b and c.  Check – choose 2

If you haven’t done so, look up the word discrete.  

Unit Test Review Sheet Due 11/25- Linear/Quadratic Relationships (Test on 11/26)

Due Monday, 11/25.  For a check plus, complete all questions in each section.  For a check, complete half MS and half SA.

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