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Calculating the Residuals

Watch this video first!

More notes on residuals:

How to use the calculator to find and graph residuals:

Important things to edit:

(for step #4) cross out the first part and only follow directions after you see the word OR -> (under L3, use 2nd STAT #7 instead).

(for step #5) take note that the residual graph does not use L1 and L2.  you must change L2 to L3 (or wherever you entered the residual).

801/802 – Thinking with Math Models Unit Test Review Sheet

thumbnail of Thinking with Mathematical Models Review Sheet

Homework – Week of 1/14/2018

thumbnail of Week of January 14

College Awareness Day – 1/11/2018

Something to think about…

Q#1 – How much do you think it costs to go to college? (2 year vs. 4 year vs.  5+year/ staying home vs. going away vs. studying abroad)

Q#2 – Where will you get the funds to go to college?

Homework Worksheet – for 1/10 (7-702)

thumbnail of 2.1 through 2.4 worksheet

Classwork for 1/8- 801/802

thumbnail of 2.1 Worksheet II

HW – Tuesday, 1/9 for 801 and 802

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Homework – Week of 1/7/2018

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Finding the Line of best fit – pen/paper and calculator

Remember — y = mx + b, where you need to find the slope and y-intercept of the predicted values (line of best fit)

Homework – Week of 12/31/2017

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