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Classwork 10/21/2019 (finish for homework)

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Homework – Week of 10/20/2019

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Classwork – 10/21/2019 (finish for homework)

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8th Grade Warm up #1

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Quarter 1 Technology Project – Assignment #2

As of today, the following assignments must be completed.

  1. Assignment #1 : Word cloud (printed and submitted already)
  2. Assignment #2 : Edited Photo (to submit this assignment, click here)

Classwork – 10/18

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iReady Lessons will be due next Friday

Homework – Linear Equations (choose 2 questions for a check)

Directions. First, you must graph the equation and validate the coordinate point, as answered in question #2, from your classwork. Then, for each question below, you must answer it algebraically. To prove your strategy, graph each equation on its own coordinate grid and plot the given point. Make sure that you use a straight edge, identify the scale of each axis, and show your work. Does your algebraic strategy match your graphic answer?

  1. What is the equation of a… Continue reading

Homework – Choose any 3 graphs. Then fill in the table.

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