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ELA Homework 1/08


  1. ReRead Chapter 4
  2. Workbook pages 22-23: complete Plot, Setting, Characters, Questions and Vocabulary.

80A: Read Chapter 4, Gist Chapter 4 on page 46.

803: Read Chapter 3 – Guess Vocabulary on page 42 of the workbook.

ELA Homework 1/06

7th Grade –

  1. Finish Chapter 3, Finish workbook pages 20-21.
  2. Read Chapter 4.

803: Finish page 31 – Gist with (Somebody wanted… but… so…) & Answer the focus question.

80A – Read Chapter 3 & Guess the vocabulary with context clues on page 42.

7th and 8th grade work ELA 12/06


7th & 8th Grade:

  1. Bring your complete draft to class on Monday (There have been four periods to work on the draft in class).

8th Grade:

Final copies of expository essays, in MLA format, are due Wednesday and Thursday.


Have a great weekend!

Mr. Altenburger

Altenburger: November 18-20th ELA Updates

Hello Everyone!

New Homework: Bookmarks will be given out Wednesday and Thursday. They are due next Wednesday (for 80A too). You should be on book number 2 by now. Please make sure to return all novels borrowed from my classroom library from quarter one so that all students can have a fair chance at selecting books.


8th grade:

1. read to page 212

2. turn in RACER paragraphs if you have not. Answer: “How is Ha’s life turning… Continue reading

ELA: Altenburger – 11/12

All classes: Login to iReady and complete an assignment for reading by Thursday. I will check that you have completed one lesson and that will count as a homework assignment.

8th grade:

  1. Read novel up to page 158 by tomorrow
  2. Make sure you have completed the chart on page 65 for tomorrow’s lesson. You will not be able to get class credit.

11/04 Homework – ELA Altenburger (Grades 7 & 8)

Hello all!

Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Here are reminders of what we are working on this week.

8th Grade (ALL): Personal Narratives due next class (Wednesday and Thursday). You must have all of the following or you will not receive full credit:

A. Rubric

B. One of your drafts with corrections

C. Peer Feedback Form

D. Narrative (2 pages minimum, heading, double spaced, size 12 font, centered title)

803: 1. Complete classwork, using the EXPLORE strategy to decode… Continue reading

10/29 Altenburger – ELA Updates

Hello! Here are updates for all classes for homework and assignments. Please read your class carefully.


  1. Tomorrow I will send home quizzes. Please get them signed and make up missing homework. This is the last week to make up homework.
  2. Finish Workbook pages 48-49 (or 45-46) depending on your version. Guess the vocabulary words, and write down what context clue you used. I will upload the chart below.
  3. Gist Chapter 8 in the workbook above the vocabulary.


8th… Continue reading

ELA – Altenburger 7th & 8th

8th Grade – Personal Narrative, 2 page drafts were due today, 10/24, and Friday 10/25. You were to annotate the rubric as well.

7th Grade – Read chapter 7 and summarize the reading on workbook page 47.

8th Grade ELA 10/22

This is a reminder that there will be a quiz on Tone this Thursday. You will be using your Workbook, “Transcript of a Forgotten Ship…” and a poem in the novel. Please come prepared.

After you finish, you will work on your personal narrative or read independently.

803 – Homework tonight is to annotate the differences between a level 3 and 4 for “Lead” and “Craft” on the narrative rubric.

Reminders and Past work – ELA 10/08

Homework Reminders!

702: Complete your post-it note with a quote and clarification from the short story Names & Nombres.

8th Grade: Make sure to study for your partner vocabulary quiz! 803 – Thursday, 80A – Friday

All: By next week you should be completing your first independent reading novel.


Past homework – Last week I did not post, but if any one is looking for a reminder, you turned in WB page 34 on Friday or Monday… Continue reading

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