ELA 8: Updates

Updates in the 8 classroom!

The Moustache link for 8th Grade

The Moustache story link:


New School Year

2017-2018 School Year Starts Here


8th Grade 3/15

802 –  Write down two allusions based on modern examples.

DUE FRIDAY: Complete your Argumentative Planner in the workbook (pages 136-137).

8th grade mini-essay assignment: To Kill a Mockingbird

For this month’s writing assignment, we will work on a mini writing assignment. For options 9 or 10 you will write an analytical, or explanatory essay that answers one of the prompts from the webpage below. For full credit, your writing should make a claim, have compelling language, use at least four pieces of textual evidence, and be at least four paragraphs long with each paragraph having a focus statement. This will be worth 40… Continue reading

8th Grade Classwork

These are the short stories we will be using in class this week.

The Treasure In the Forest:



The Emperor’s New Clothes



The Fly



The Gift of the Magi



Use the following link for classwork.


8th Grade HW Update

New Homework: Finish reading up to page 260 in the novel. Add one entry to your notes. (How is Ha a dynamic character? How is her life inside out and/or back again?)

!Update! For those students not in class, today we worked on pages 74 – 75 and we created questions about the novel and the text from page 71 using DOK (depth of knowledge) question stems.


thumbnail of dok_question_stems

8th grade mini-presentation

Here is a sample presentation for our grammar rules assessment.


ELA 8th Grade HW

Read Inside Out & Back Again up until page 137.

This week complete Two Entries on the Reading Log sheet.

8th Grade QuickWrite #7 unscramble

Here is the Quick Write unscramble activity that we worked on in class today.


QW#7: WB Page 38—What has happened to hope? How does the author’s specific word choice help us understand the main message of this poem?     “Wet and Crying”


At one point in the novel, Ha’s hopes are completely destroyed. This happens in the poem “Wet and Crying” when her brother Vu cuts down Ha’s papaya tree. Ha’s “biggest papaya” is still not yet… Continue reading