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Summer Reading Lists

Hello! As summer approaches I’d like you all to start considering one or more novels you would be willing to read during the vacation. I’ve collected several book lists with some of the most popular novels by genre. We will also use this list during class to preview and sample books at www.goodreads.com.


African-American Young Adult Lit

ALA Best YA Books

Asian American Young Adult Literature

Award Winning YAL

Family and Religion

Graphic Novels for Teens

Poverty Books


Historical Fiction List

8th Grade Persuasive arguments and recipe handouts

Hello 8th Grade,

Some of you requested that I post the persuasive writing techniques handout to help you add a persuasive argument to your recipes. Here it is! I’m also uploading the planner that I made to help you get started with your recipes. Please turn in your planner when you present this Friday.


Recipe presentations due Friday, 5/25.

thumbnail of PersuasiveTechniquesBBCGoodFoods_Project

5/03 ELA Homework


Use your notes from page 43. On your brain development anchor charts…

  1. Add 1 detail to other developmental information
  2. Create 1 “if… then…” statement on the back for “So What?”

8th Grade:

Read Chapter 3

Add relevant details to the first three sections of the graphic organizer on page 12.

Complete the “Revised Answer” at the bottom of the handout from class.


4/24 – 8th Grade

8th Grade:

This Friday, April 27th, the following assignments are due:

  1. Script and Performance of Reader’s Theater
  2. Final Argumentative Essay for To Kill a Mockingbird due (Turn in first draft and rubric)

Hello 7th and 8th grade. There will be a vocabulary quiz tomorrow. Here are the words that will be on the quiz. The quiz will also have one short response question regarding the novel’s end.

8th grade, the first draft of your essays are due on Monday. Remember to use

Proper heading


Size 12 Font – Times New Roman

Double Spaced
















in vain






3/27 Homework

7th Grade – Read Chapter 21 & complete workbook page 91



7th Grade

3/26 Analyze how Lyddie has changed. Include this information on your quote card:

1.How has Lyddie changed as a character over the course of the novel. List two ways.

2.Choose a quote that shows one of these changes. Copy the quote.


8th Grade

Complete writing celebration prompt for chapter 27


  1. Create a comic panel – What happens in chapter 27
  2. Create a text… Continue reading

8th Grade Race and Bias Link

Hello everyone. Here is the link to the NY Times page that we will use to explore today’s concepts of identity, race, and bias.




7th & 8th Grade Homework

Hello everyone. Welcome back to school for the week. As the break comes closer, let’s work hard so that we can really enjoy our vacation!


8th Grade: Read chapters 22-23 and respond in 6-8 sentences to one of the following prompts:

  1. Create a summary
  2. Share your thoughts on the events from the reading
  3. Write a letter to a character. What would you say to him/her?
  4. Create an 8-10 line poem regarding the events in the chapter.


7th Grade:… Continue reading

New Vocabulary

Hey 7th and 8th Grade. Please create one new entry in your vocabulary section. Choose one word from our class reading (8th grade chapter 17, 7th grade WB pages 78 or 80).

Here is the format:

Common Greek/Latin Roots

Hi class!

Click here to take your English to the next level. Understanding popular Greek/Latin roots can help you to identify 60% of words in the English language!