-Journal Entries

8th Grade 3/15

802 –  Write down two allusions based on modern examples.

DUE FRIDAY: Complete your Argumentative Planner in the workbook (pages 136-137).

8th grade mini-essay assignment: To Kill a Mockingbird

For this month’s writing assignment, we will work on a mini writing assignment. For options 9 or 10 you will write an analytical, or explanatory essay that answers one of the prompts from the webpage below. For full credit, your writing should make a claim, have compelling language, use at least four pieces of textual evidence, and be at least four paragraphs long with each paragraph having a focus statement. This will be worth 40… Continue reading


8th Grade: Read Chapter 18 and complete pages 104-105

Vocabulary quiz on Friday will focus on Chapters 17-19 vocabulary and comparing and contrasting a scene from the movie.

2/6 8th Grade Home Practice

Read chapter 17 and complete page 99.

Guess the vocabulary definitions on page 100 as you read the chapter.

Quiz Friday based on this weeks reading and new vocabulary.

1/18 8th grade Homework


page 69: focus question #2

page 75: Finish the organizer about Scoutt’s perspective.

7th & 8th Grade Homework 1/17


7th —> Finish Ch. 10 and complete Reader’s Notes in the workbook.

8th —> Finish Chapter 8 and complete the gist on workbook page 69.

1/9-1/13 Home Practice for 702 & 8th Grade


Monday -> Ch.7 vocabulary (WB 32)

Tuesday -> Ch.8 Reader’s Notes (WB 35)

Thursday -> Reader’s Log, new sentences for (WB 35) vocabulary (1x).



802 Only -> Monday, Finish Chapter 4 Summary.

Tuesday -> Page 52o

Wednesday -> Read Chapter 6

Thursday -> Page 53 Vocabulary, new sentences (1x).

Friday -> Begin reading logs for next week: 20 minute entries (4x).

8th Grade HW 12/22

  1. Finish the writing celebration writing prompt.

12/12-12/16 Homework

** Homework for Monday and Tuesday was to write a Summary of the article from pages 22-23 based on the model we used in class (Controlling Idea, 3 Key Details, Clincher).

** In complete sentences, gist chapter one and answer the Focus Question on page 29.

** 2 Reading Log Entries

8th Grade Homework 12/5

Remember field trip money*

Page 122 planner and first draft of “back again” poem.

FRIDAY: Revise your essay. Reading logs (2 entries)