-Journal Entries

3/27 Homework

7th Grade – Read Chapter 21 & complete workbook page 91



7th Grade

3/26 Analyze how Lyddie has changed. Include this information on your quote card:

1.How has Lyddie changed as a character over the course of the novel. List two ways.

2.Choose a quote that shows one of these changes. Copy the quote.


8th Grade

Complete writing celebration prompt for chapter 27


  1. Create a comic panel – What happens in chapter 27
  2. Create a text… Continue reading

8th Grade Race and Bias Link

Hello everyone. Here is the link to the NY Times page that we will use to explore today’s concepts of identity, race, and bias.




7th & 8th Grade Homework

Hello everyone. Welcome back to school for the week. As the break comes closer, let’s work hard so that we can really enjoy our vacation!


8th Grade: Read chapters 22-23 and respond in 6-8 sentences to one of the following prompts:

  1. Create a summary
  2. Share your thoughts on the events from the reading
  3. Write a letter to a character. What would you say to him/her?
  4. Create an 8-10 line poem regarding the events in the chapter.


7th Grade:… Continue reading

New Vocabulary

Hey 7th and 8th Grade. Please create one new entry in your vocabulary section. Choose one word from our class reading (8th grade chapter 17, 7th grade WB pages 78 or 80).

Here is the format:

Common Greek/Latin Roots

Hi class!

Click here to take your English to the next level. Understanding popular Greek/Latin roots can help you to identify 60% of words in the English language!

2/27 ELA Homework

Prepare for the writing celebration tomorrow by finishing your first draft of your writing piece.

7th grade, here are some of the prompts you could choose in case you were absent earlier this week.


Write about a window you broke or something valuable you lost.

  1. Did you ever catch fireflies?  Crickets?  Frogs?  Snakes?
  2. Write about a time you tried to help and ended up making things worse.
  3. Did you ever break an important promise?
  4. Write about… Continue reading

ELA – 2/12 – Homework

7th Grade: Read Chapter 12. Complete Workbook pages 54 and 55.

Assessment on Wednesday will be based on chapters 12 & 13.


8th Grade: Finish Reading Chapter 10.

Assessment on Wednesday will be based on the following:

  1. Chapter 11
  2. Narrative Structure
  3. Golden Rule
  4. How does structure affect meaning? Review concepts from workbook pages 61-73.


Don’t forget your independent reading novels 🙂

1/31 ELA – Altenburger Homework

7th Grade: Complete Chapter 8. Create one page of T-Chart notes using the Fab. Four roles.

8th Grade: Finish the question on page 74. Complete the first two rows on workbook page 75.

1/26 ELA – Altenburger – Homework

Hello all,

As you are enjoying your weekend, don’t forget a couple of important assignments.

7th & 8th grades: Please finish your drafts of the Freewrite. We have a writing celebration coming up and I’m looking forward to hearing some unique stories.

7th grade: Make sure you finished the homework from Wednesday, also posted on 1/24.

8th grade: Make sure you finish the chart on page 59 and thoroughly answer the question on page 58 based on chapters 6 & 7.

1/24 Altenburger ELA Homework

7th Grade: Complete the vocabulary on WB Pages 32 & 36. Then, write one original sentence for each vocabulary word on the page. Make sure to also define WB page 30 if you have not already done so.

8th Grade: Read Chapter 6 & study for your vocabulary quiz.