-Journal Entries

5/28 ELA

702: Please finish your T-Chart (what is the claim and how does it connect to the main claim?) for pages 134-135 of Chavez’ speech.

802 & 801: Please finish your Freewrites by tomorrow, Wednesday. Have your completed speech ready to be copied on Friday.

5/20 7th & 8th Homework

7th Grade:

On your T-Chart, write down the main claim for Chavez’s Address for paragraphs 1-7 (WB pages 130-131). Be ready to discuss it tomorrow.

Define the new vocabulary words that I left blank in class. Use each one in two new sentences each.


8th Grade: Define the vocabulary words that I posted in class. Hybrid, GMO, Monstanto, densely, synthesize, bonanza.

ELA Homework and Essay Reminders – 5/13

Hello everyone, please remember that your final essays are due this week. Late and incomplete work will result in a point deduction. You need to turn in the following:

1. Rubric

2. RADaR (replace, add, delete, and reorder) handout with revision recommendations

3. first draft with highlights and notes of what you’re changing and final essay (or for those of you who edited in google docs, highlight the final copy and write down all of the changes you… Continue reading

ELA Essays

7th & 8th grade essays first draft are due, typed, by Monday, May 13th.

We will be revising on Monday and Tuesday.

7th & 8th ELA Homework

7th Grade:

  1. All boxes vocabulary technique for word from chapter 20 Reader’s notes (Page 92 – defined in class)
  2. We have been working on our essay, and so far you have been responsible to finish Two body paragraphs. By this week we will be finished with our first draft. The prompt is the one from page 89 of the workbook.


Tuesday’s Homework (5/07) Read Chapters 22 & complete reader’s notes on page 96.

8th Grade:

  1. All boxes vocabulary technique… Continue reading

ELA homework 4/17 – 7th & 8th Grade

7th Grade: I assigned homework in class Friday due tomorrow. I wrote it on the board again yesterday, Monday 4/15. This is another reminder.

  1. Complete Reader’s notes for chapter 17 of Lyddie (make sure you have 16 finished too, I will be checking that from classwork)
  2. Rewrite your counterclaim from the index card that I passed back. If you lost your original one, then rewrite a counterclaim.
  3. Study for Scavenger hunt vocabulary quiz (words from chapters 13-14 in your reader’s… Continue reading

702 & 8th grade homework

702: Please record one quote and explanation on each page of the workbook (pages 64 & 65) for a total of two quotes and explanations. You can use any chapter from Lyddie that we have read so far. Here is another link to the PDF.

Lyddie PDF

Finish your Counter-Claim paragraph if you have not. Tomorrow, I will also be checking reader’s notes for chapter 15, which was assigned for homework/classwork on Monday.


8th Grade: Complete page… Continue reading

3/18 – 8th Grade ELA

Use workbook page 99. Read part of the chapter summary for chapter 16. Then,

  1. finish reading chapter 16 216-221.
  2. Read chapter 17
  3. Gist all of the reading on page 99.

March 5th ELA homework

702 – study for vocabulary quiz – Words from Workbook page 36, 40, & 48

8th Grade, Finish using INSERT to read chapter 12 of our novel.

2/26 ELA homework & Test Prep

702 – Complete page 52 in the workbook. Make sure to analyze in two-three sentences. Refer to the rules for analysis.

801 – Complete page 87 using RACE to respond to the question. You will take the test on Thursday.

802 – Read chapter 11. Prepare for the test. Here is the information from the slides about the test tomorrow:

You must know:

•The Golden Rule •How structure helps to create meaning •Plot structure, poetry structure •CHAPTER 11 –… Continue reading

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